10. Aralık 2019

TGW receives Innovation Prize for Ergonomics

- PickCenter One Curve stands for maximum ease of operation with optimum performance
- Developed in collaboration with an independent ergonomics expert
- The innovative concept won recognition from the independent specialist jury of the IGR

(Marchtrenk, Austria, December 10, 2019) The Innovation Prize for Ergonomics was awarded this year for the first time by the "IGR Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie e.V." The TGW PickCenter One Curve is among the prize winners. The order picking workstation meets the highest standards for ergonomic design and ease of operation, entirely in line with the philosophy "Focusing on People – Learning and Growing". This innovation from TGW won over the jury of renowned experts.
The PickCenter One is a high-performance order picking workstation that is already in use in countless logistics centres worldwide. In spring 2019, TGW presented a new variant, the PickCenter One Curve. This product is the first ever option for picking cartons and totes with dimensions of up to 700x500 mm. The special feature is the asymmetrical curve design that is the model's namesake.

Maximum ergonomics, optimal performance


As early as the planning stage, TGW's team of developers placed particular value on ergonomics. Operators can stand closer to the load carriers and have to turn their bodies only slightly to reach the contents. Using the optional tilting mechanism, the totes and cartons can also be tilted by 20 degrees. This improves visibility and the employee picking the order does not have to lean forward as much. Height-adjustable platforms make it possible to further optimise the access area.
"The TGW Logistics Group has long impressed us with ergonomic solutions in intralogistics. The Innovation Prize is well earned in every respect," said Christian Brunner, First Chairman of the IGR, at the presentation of the award at TGW headquarters in Marchtrenk. 
"We are very delighted to receive this award. The Innovation Prize for Ergonomics is a wonderful confirmation of our hard work," underscores Markus Sturm, CEO at TGW Mechanics. "TGW places great importance on ergonomics in all of its order picking workstations – while providing optimum performance at the same time. The PickCenter One Curve is another step in this direction." 


Collaboration with ergonomics experts

As early as the concept phase of the development process, TGW collaborated with an independent technician and ergonomics expert to carry out extensive analyses. A life-size experimental model was used to study posture and motion sequences in detail. The workflows of test persons were recorded and evaluated in accordance with the EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet). Additional help was provided by the Key Indicator Method (LMM) and the Hand Arm Risk Assessment Method.
"The PickCenter One Curve can be used by persons of different height while maintaining a relaxed posture. This prevents undue strain on the body," say Günther Radwallner and Thomas Hüttner, responsible for the product line at TGW. "The first models of the PickCenter One Curve have already been installed at a customer's facility in Germany and will be put into operation shortly."

The advantages of the PickCenter One Curve

  • Upright position when gripping and placing items.
  • Body rotation (torso rotation) is reduced substantially – with positive effects for the lumbar spine.
  • The ability to connect height-adjustable platforms makes it possible to further optimise the access area.
  • Using the optional tilting mechanism, the totes and cartons can also be tilted by 20 degrees. This improves visibility into the load carrier, the operator does not have to lean forward as much, and the freedom of movement for the actual activity can be improved. These free and more comfortable movement sequences take much of the strain out of work.
  • The confirmation button is positioned frontally across from the operator, making it possible to prevent vertical movements of the arm. The central positioning ensures equal access for left and right-handed people alike.
  • The design of the spaces in which the operators stand has been optimised at the holding positions of the totes.



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