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Systems Designer

Based on the customer requirements, the systems designer (within a sales team) is responsible for the generation of concepts, their evaluation and the selection of the best in class concept that covers the requirements in the most cost effective way (TCO) by lowest risk. Furthermore, he/she is responsible for the detail design of the solution and the interaction with the application engineering and realization teams as well as for the generation of the final (external and internal) documentation of the project.

Presence of SPM or BD required at any customer meeting or workshop.



The systems designer as responsible of the technical solution is a key member of the sales team. His/her know how and work defines the competitiveness of the TGW solutions. 



If defined, to act as project manager for the sales project, being responsible for:

  • Completing the project on time
  • Meeting the customer expectations
  • Deliver a competitive bid

To deeply understand and challenge the customer requirements

To perform basic data analysis of customer data and/or define results for the data analyst

To define and agree design parameter with the customer

To conceptually define the solution alternatives that cover the defined requirements

To create high level material flows of the different concepts

To create a ROM (rough order of magnitude) for the solution alternatives

To create a labor calculation for the solution alternatives

To select the best concept for the requirements based on the following topics (upon others):

  • Total cost of ownership 
    • Investment costs
    • Labor costs
    • Energy costs
    • Maintenance costs
  • Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Restrictions / flexibility
  • Technologies to be used
  • Patents
  • Risk analysis


To deliver the right inputs and challenge the AE departments in order to create the mechatronic solution

To create line/layout flow diagram and select technologies together with AE

To define (together with IT consultant) which processes are necessary and will be delivered

To define scope of supply

To specify and coordination of 3rd party technologies that influence the design

To coordinate the total price calculation (=Estimator)

To create the technical documentation of project

To create and update the technical offer documentation

To create and execute workshops & presentations

To create and execute the final offer presentation

To define the framework for the acceptance test, further details from project management

To assist in the production of commercial contract package

To realize the hand over to realization

To work according the TGW guidelines (e.g. Sales Gates 1-10)


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