FlashPick®-System für die Handelsverbundgruppe expert.
10. 三月 2020

Expert 零售集团的 FlashPick® 系统

  • TGW 软件套件控制所有流程
  • 穿梭车立体仓库,共4个巷道,超过 50000 个货位
  • 缩短交货时间,加快交付 

 fully automated split case picking

(Marchtrenk, March 10th 2020) TGW is building a highly automated intralogistics system in a newly planned fulfilment centre, scheduled for go-live in 2021, which is being constructed next to the company's headquarters in Langenhagen, North Germany. The clever FlashPick® solution for fully automated split case picking is used both for deliveries to retailers and for e-commerce orders. The TGW Software Suite takes over control of all processes as the central interface.

The brand expert is currently represented with more than 4,000 locations in 21 countries. The companies of individual countries are affiliated by expert International founded in 1967 with its headquarters in Zürich. In 2018, all members of expert International generated a total turnover of more than 15 billion Euros. expert SE, headquartered in Langenhagen near Hannover, was founded in 1962. By now, it is the second largest electronic retailer consisting of 410 shops and an intercompany revenue of more than 2.14 billion euros.

Shop replenishment and e-commerce

The existing central warehouse located in Langenhagen, Lower Saxony, is used to supply the specialist shops and to process the e-commerce orders. A new building to increase the logistics capacities was required thanks to the growth. The new shipping solution with reusable totes instead of disposable cartons posed a special challenge during the planning phase. The expert distribution centre in Langenhagen does not use disposable cartons but reusable shipping totes for the goods.

“Logistics is a core element for us and thus, very important. Smooth workflows and stringent processes are essential. TGW is a partner who enables us to realise everything in an excellent manner. That's why we decided to have an extensive expansion with FlashPick® – the complete solution for fully automatic split case picking,” says Dr Stefan Müller, chairman of the board of expert SE.

TGW Software Suite as the central interface

In the new building, TGW is building a shuttle warehouse and replacing the existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) with the TGW Software Suite. The highly automated shuttle system and the new warehouse management system (WMS) enable expert SE to reduce its lead times and accelerate deliveries. The components are perfectly matched with each other and the TGW Software Suite is used as the central interface. This ensures a uniform interface and thus ensure maximum performance.
“The smooth interaction of the modules and the integration of the TGW Software Suite have been decisive advantages in the project," underscores Johann Steinkellner, CEO Central Europe at TGW. "We couldn't be more pleased that expert SE is making use of the intralogistics and software expertise of TGW.”

The four-aisle shuttle warehouse contains 30 levels and more than 50,000 storage locations. More than 120 energy-efficient Stingray shuttles ensure the automatic storage and retrieval of goods. The scope of supply also includes multiple kilometres of energy-efficient conveyor systems for reusable totes and pallets as well as a double-digit number of ergonomic PickCenter One workstations.

Lifetime Services

During live operation, expert also trusts in TGW's knowledge and has concluded a Lifetime Services contract for two years. Together with the customer's specialists, TGW experts ensure that the highly automated system runs with maximum performance.

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