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13. 二月 2020

Modex 2020 – TGW 展示面向未来的订单履行

  • PickCenter One – 在 TGW 展台#7605 展示高性能拣选工作站 
  • FlashPick®: 全自动拆零拣选的理想一站式系统 
  • TGW 更加关注美国市场 

Flashpick® and PiCkcenter one

(Grand Rapids, Michigan/Atlanta, Georgia, February 13 2020) From March 9-12, 2020, the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta will host supply chain and material handling experts during the Modex trade show. At booth #7605, TGW will be putting the spotlight on its comprehensive solution portfolio – namely by showing FlashPick®, the smart one-stop system for automated split case picking. At the booth, visitors will get the chance to learn about the advantages of FlashPick® and get a hands-on experience to test the performance capability of the TGW PickCenter One Goods-to-Person workstation.
“TGW is a successful systems integrator, with over 50 years of experience in the development and implementation of automated warehouse solutions,” says Christoph Wolkerstorfer, Chief Sales Officer of TGW Logistics Group. “In our core segments of Fashion, Grocery and General Merchandise, leading international companies and well-known brands place their confidence in our highly automated solutions – including Gap, Puma and TVH.”
TGW software, a high level of project management expertise, reliable Lifetime Services and perfectly harmonised mechatronic modules – this is what sets the systems integrator apart. TGW develops and manufactures all modules in-house – from software and controls to robotics and mechatronics. 

FlashPick® – smart piece-picking system 


At Modex 2020, TGW puts a special focus on FlashPick®, the smart Order Fulfillment System for automated split case picking. 

FlashPick® combines TGW‘s leading technology into one system: The TGW Warehouse Software manages specific business requirements and material flow. SKU totes are stored and retrieved from the shuttle system and routed via the conveyor network to either manual or robotic picking workstations. Orders arrive perfectly sequenced at the pick position. After the pick, SKU totes return to the shuttle system, while orders can be routed towards shipping. Contrary to batch picking, FlashPick® processes individual orders – and in doing so, raises the bar for performance, speed and flexibility. 


“FlashPick® offers high flexibility for business models with rapid changes to SKUs, product lines and order structures,” underscores Chad Zollman, Chief Sales Officer North America of TGW Logistics Group. “FlashPick® caters to both Retail/Wholesale and E-commerce orders – making it a great option for omni-channel business models.”

PickCenter One


A core element of FlashPick® is the ergonomic PickCenter One, which will be showcased at Modex. The design of the picking workstation is based on the concept: one source tote, one target tote. PickCenter One allows fast, accurate picking and removes all walking, thus operators work with optimal efficiency. The intelligent sequencing feature, which continuously feeds the workstation with a sufficient number of totes, enables a pick rate of up to 600 picks per hour.

Visit TGW at Modex 2020:
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