TGW wird für Engagement zur Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie ausgezeichnet
20. 十一月 2020

TGW 荣获奥地利“工作与家庭”国家奖

  • 该奖项是对 TGW 致力于兼顾家庭和工作的又一肯定。
  • 多种形式的家庭友好活动,包括公司托儿设施、弹性工作时间、家庭办公模式和员工参与计划。 

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 20 November 2020) In spring 2020, TGW received the Felix Familia Award for being the most family-friendly company in Upper Austria. The intralogistics specialist was also nominated for the Austrian “Work and Family” state prize. On 19 October 2020, the state prize was awarded during an online event. TGW took first place in the “Private companies with more than 101 employees” category.

With this award, the Austrian Ministry of Labour, Family and Youth honours companies that are particularly committed to the reconciliation of family and work. An expert jury evaluates the participating companies based on certain criteria, for example flexible working hours and work location, measures for childcare and equality, opportunities for professional development as well as the significance of family in the company's philosophy. Christine Aschbacher, Austrian Minister for Labour, Family and Youth, asked the winners to come on stage by joining the live stream during the online event.

Focusing on People – Learning and Growing

“We are very happy about this award. This is a great confirmation of the work of the last months and years. We as a company attach great importance to the reconciliation of family and work – fully in line with our philosophy 'Focusing on People – Learning and Growing,” emphasises Jörg Scheithauer, Chief Financial Officer of the TGW Logistics Group.

Numerous measures for the reconciliation of family and work

Worldwide, more than 3,700 people on three continents work for TGW. They benefit from a large number of measures that support and promote the harmony of job and family. The 1,900 employees at the Upper Austria locations in Marchtrenk and Wels benefit from facilities such as the “Zwergennest” company childcare facility, where more than 50 children between one and six years old are cared for. TGW developed the innovative concept together with the University of Education Upper Austria.

Flex time, home office and activty garden

Employees can also enjoy flex time and a home office model, which was launched three years ago. Employees and their families can even use the Activity Garden. This 9,000 m² open-air facility for sport, leisure and working outdoors features a generously sized motor skills course, running track, pavilions for yoga and fitness, a sports ground and barbecue areas. Since 2018, TGW has been counting time spent on firefighting operations through the local fire department as working time to support employees who volunteer (press release).

Foundation-owned company

As a foundation-owned company, TGW is a stable and reliable employer. The intralogistics specialist can never be sold. Two-thirds of profits stay in the company and are reinvested – in our employees, our infrastructure and the innovations of tomorrow. At least ten percent of profits go to charitable projects of the foundation focusing on the personal and professional development of children and adolescents.

TGW press release

TGW wins Austrian “Work and Family” state prize
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TGW Zwergennest

Company childcare facility for more than 50 children
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TGW Zwergennest

Innovative concept based on current research results
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TGW Zwergennest

Das 750 m² große, nach modernsten Standards erichtete Gebäude
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Activity Garden

Balancing path and monkey bars for TGW employees
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Activity Garden

The 9,000 m² area combines work, leisure time and sport
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