TGW-Mitarbeiter und deren Familien beteiligen sich an Reinigungs-Aktion.
21. 五月 2021

春季大扫除:200 名 TGW 员工组队收集垃圾

  • TGW 员工及家属参与“Hui statt Pfui”户外大扫除活动(“Hui statt Pfui”是德语口语,大致指美化的意思) 
  • 奥地利、德国、瑞士、波兰、立陶宛、美国和英国的春季大扫除
  •  TGW 为对社区做贡献 

(Marchtrenk, May 21, 2021) More than 200 TGW employees participated in the "Hui statt Pfui" outdoor clean-up campaign of the Upper Austrian Umweltprofis association. Together with their families, the intralogistics specialists collected litter in many Upper Austrian municipalities – while complying with applicable COVID regulations. Employees from all business units participated, from the apprentices to CEO Harald Schröpf.

Unfortunately, you do not have to wander very far into nature before you start seeing cigarette butts, beverage cans, plastic bottles or even car tyres all carelessly dropped along the way. Many of these pieces of litter contain toxic substances that present a hazard to the soil and ground water.

TGW supports commitment to the community

For this reason, TGW employees in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, the United States and the United Kingdom collected hundreds of bags of litter. Moreover, TGW is planning more activities and campaigns in the coming weeks and months to enhance awareness for a sustainable, fair and socially just future.

To contribute to the improvement of society, it is important to commit oneself proactively and act accordingly. Many TGW employees also share this responsibility, according to CEO Harald Schröpf. In his words, "A lot of employees show a great deal of commitment at work while also doing volunteer work for various organisations and clubs in their spare time. They are making great contributions to society by doing this. It is our goal as a company to support and foster this type of commitment."

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Spring cleaning: 200 TGW employees teaming up to collect litter
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Spring cleaning

TGW apprentices collecting rubbish
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