Gastro Spezialist Martin Servera setzt auf TGW.
22. 三月 2021


  • 自动化可缩短交货时间并加快交付速度
  • 高性能解决方案将穿梭车立体仓库与自动化小件库和Commissioner提升横梁存储系统结合在一起
  • 穿梭车系统覆盖两个温区

(Marchtrenk, 22 March 2021) TGW is building a highly automated fulfilment centre for the Swedish catering wholesaler Martin & Servera in Norrköping which is due to be completed in March 2022. The company centralises its logistics and uses the new automation solution as foundation for the planned future growth.

Martin & Servera is Sweden's leading catering specialist. The company headquartered in Stockholm supplies thousands of restaurants, bars and employee restaurants with a wide range of groceries, beverages and non-food items on a daily basis. The wholesaler operates four distribution centres. The automation will make it possible to centralise the logistics of low frequent goods in one location which enables improvement of the services provided to customers and at a lower cost.

“This is our first automation investment at this level and we look forward to working with TGW in this, for us, strategically important project”, says Magnus Schultz, Head of Development at Martin & Servera Logistik.

Shuttle with two temperature zones

The TGW solution comprises a shuttle system with more than 35,000 storage locations in two temperature zones (ambient and chilled temperature). In order to utilise the available surface to its full extent, totes are stored triple-deep. An automatic mini-load warehouse with 11,000 storage locations and Mustang E+ storage and retrieval machines is used for replenishment.

“It’s been a fantastic collaboration between the two companies were we have come up with a solution that will support the growth and continued success for Martin & Servera”, says Kristian Brink, Sales Project Manager at TGW Scandinavia.

The customer orders are picked and prepared at four workstations connected to the shuttle system. The order totes with chilled goods are buffered in a Commissioner lifting beam system before the orders are consolidated and transported to the dispatch area.

TGW Lifetime Services to support daily operation

Part of the project is also a Service & Maintenance contract to support Martin & Servera with on-site resident support in Norrköping. This ensures that the automation and software solution are up and running during 2-shift operation.

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Swedish catering supplier relies on TGW
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