TGW Robotics signs the purchase agreement for a new company site in Thansau.
08. 十一月 2021

TGW Robotics 购入新的企业园区

  • 自加入TGW 集团以来,机器人专家的订单量增加了两倍,员工人数增加了一倍,达到 120 人左右
  • 自动化是长期提升内部物流系统效率和性能的关键因素
  •  新的园区为计划增长奠定了基础 

(Marchtrenk/Stephanskirchen, November 8, 2021) Recently, TGW Robotics signed the purchase contract for a new corporate campus in Thansau, near Rosenheim in Bavaria. This is a central linchpin for the further development of the robotics and automation specialists at the company.

TGW Robotics has been part of the TGW Group since 2016 and serves as its competence centre for robotics. Based in Stephanskirchen, Germany, the automation specialists develop and produce industrial and gantry robots as well as systems for fully automatic carton handling, palletising, depalletising, stacking and unstacking. Rovolution, an intelligent, self-learning order picking robot, is a technological highlight. Based on insights from the field of artificial intelligence, it has won many international awards – the German Innovation Award being just one of them.

Order volume tripled, number of employees doubled

The current location in Stephanskirchen will soon reach its capacity limits – despite an extensive expansion of the production and assembly areas that took place in 2018. Since becoming a part of the TGW Group, the order volume of TGW Robotics has tripled, while the number of employees has doubled to around 120 in the same time period. TGW Robotics' highly automated modules are used by customers around the world – including companies such as Puma, toolmaker Einhell and Decathlon. "Intelligent robotics and automation solutions play a key role in boosting the performance and efficiency of intralogistics systems," states Harald Schröpf, Chief Executive Officer of TGW Logistics Group. "These technologies are also the basis for maximum automation of the processes in logistics centres that are most difficult to staff adequately in many regions."

The basis for further growth

The current location at Stephanskirchen cannot be extended anymore due to spatial restrictions. Therefore, the search for alternatives began two years ago. As part of an intensive analysis, an existing property just a five-minute drive away was found to be the ideal solution. With 25,000 m² of space, the building in Thansau provides plenty of room for assembly, warehouse and offices – as well as another 25,000 m² of room for strategic expansions.

"The new location is perfect for us when it comes to current requirements, but also in terms of future growth. Robotics, machine learning and digitalisation are drivers in intralogistics that greatly accelerate our development. Therefore, we are looking for many new employees in the months to come," emphasizes Stefan Holzner, Managing Director of TGW Robotics. "We are eagerly looking forward to our upcoming move in Summer 2022, once some relatively minor conversions and renovations are complete. This will be another milestone in the history of TGW Robotics."

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