Alexander Leitner: Vice President für Innovation und Technologie bei TGW.
17. 五月 2022

Alexander Leitner任TGW创新与技术部门高级副总裁

  • 具有国际化经验的管理者,将帮助我们推动TGW的创新之路
  • 此外,Leitner还将为执行管理团队带来他的专业知识

(Marchtrenk, Austria, May 17, 2022) Effective May 1, Alexander Leitner has taken on the newly created position of Senior Vice President for Innovation and Technology at TGW Logistics Group. The experienced manager will be responsible for the intralogistics specialist's innovation strategy, reporting to CEO Harald Schröpf.

"TGW draws on more than 50 years of experience in the development of highly automated intralogistics solutions. Our innovative strength was and still is critical to our success. With reliable, high-performance and future-proof systems, we can continue to meet the needs of our customers optimally and continue our course of growth," emphasizes Harald Schröpf, CEO of TGW Logistics Group. "We are pleased that in Alexander Leitner, we have gained an expert with an international background as Senior Vice President for Innovation and Technology. He knows what the industry needs, has already supported innovation and product development processes successfully and can draw from a vast store of experience."

senior vice president innovation & technology


Alexander Leitner was last employed at Kion Group, a global leader in material handling, where he was responsible for global product requirement management.

Leitner, 44, is a native of Bavaria and is married with children. After his university education in Germany and the United Kingdom, he gathered experience working at various companies and as a strategic consultant. His areas of activity included mechanical and system engineering, the automotive industry and intralogistics.

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Alexander Leitner named new Senior Vice President Innovation & Technology at TGW
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Alexander Leitner

Senior Vice President Innovation & Technology
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