Plancise (Software Personal- /Schichtplanung in Logistikzentren) gewinnt SupplyTech Award.
22. 六月 2023


  • 劳动力管理软件获得2023年度SupplyTech突破奖
  •  PLANCISE从全球1400多个提名中脱颖而出
  • 该TGW设立的初创品牌已在多个客户的试点项目中发挥了积极的作用

(Marchtrenk, 22 June 2023) On June 15, 2023 the 2nd annual SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards, which is a part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, announced PLANCISE as the winner of Smart Warehouse Solution of the Year. The Tech Breakthrough organization has been around for eight years now, providing market intelligence, research, and recognition programs in today’s more competitive categories of tech.

PLANCISE, a start-up founded by TGW Logistics Group, is developing innovative software for staff and shift planning within distribution centers, especially automated ones.

Strong results from pilot program key in award selection 

While the material flow of modern distribution centers is well-planned and well-structured, the same is not yet true of its workforce. Currently, the insufficient tools available in the market, labor scarcity, and the competitive need to hit SLAs (Service Level Agreements) have all made it more difficult to manage staff – especially in a highly flexible way that can adapt to whatever is happening in distribution centers at the moment.

Several TGW Logistics Group customers from various industries are seeing strong results from PLANCISE during its current pilot program phase.

 Feedback includes:

  • Encouragement of employee cross-training, which helps with labor retention
  • Ease in reallocating staff on the fly
  • Ability to make smarter short-, medium-, and long-term workforce planning
  • Simplification of communication around workforce management
  • User-friendly and easy-to-understand dashboards, which can be shared with anyone internally
  • Transparency into the availability of employees and their skills
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of labor

These results were one of the key reasons PLANCISE was selected from over 1,400 nominations globally this year. “We are very pleased to receive the Smart Warehouse Solution of the Year award. It is a great confirmation of the innovative power of our software,” explains PLANCISE founder Thomas Mahringer.


PLANCISE ist Smart Warehouse Solution of the Year
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is redefining workforce management
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