Tiefkühlsystem für den Lebensmittel-Großhändler ASKO.
22. 五月 2023


  • 强大的冷库系统,包括一个托盘高架库和一个自动化小件库(共38000个货位)
  • 提高生产力,缩短交货时间,改善人体工程学作业
  • TGW在冷库自动化方面的经验,是双方达成合作的决定性因素

(Marchtrenk, 22 May 2023) TGW is constructing a high-performance freezer system for the grocery wholesaler ASKO in the Norwegian harbor city of Trondheim. With this extension, the leading grocery specialist is laying the foundation for its planned and projected growth in the coming years. Go-live of the highly automated system is scheduled for January 2025.

ASKO is the leading Norwegian grocery wholesaler. The grocery specialist’s assortment consists of more than 25,000 items and encompasses both fresh and frozen products as well as dry goods, beverages, and non-food items. Altogether, the company supplies roughly 16,000 customers across Norway, including restaurants, hotels, commercial kitchens, and supermarket branches.

Focus on efficiency, sustainability, and ergonomics

ASKO currently relies on a network of 13 distribution centers, but it has become increasingly clear that the fulfillment center in Trondheim is stretched to its capacity limits. With this extension, the grocery specialist is laying the foundation for the growth planned by 2040.

The powerful centerpiece of the installation is a nearly 60-ft-high freezer system that will include a high-bay pallet warehouse with storage and retrieval machines and an automated mini-load warehouse with 38,000 storage locations. The smart design makes optimal use of the limited space available. This will not only increase productivity, shorten lead times, and highlight sustainable processes, but also improve ergonomics for the employees.

Experience in freezer automation tips the scales

"We are delighted that ASKO, the Norwegian grocery market leader, is putting its trust in TGW's experience and expertise in freezer applications," affirms Sales Project Manager Kristian Brink. "Our customers in this grocery segment also include such industry leaders as COOP in Switzerland, Nordfrost, and ICA Sweden."

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TGW freezer competence gives Norwegian grocery market leader ASKO a boost
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ASKO Fulfillment Center
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