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KingDrive® is our high-performance conveyor technology with applications spanning all intralogistics processes. An extensive range of modular products ensures seamless transport of totes, cartons, trays and polybags.

Gearless, maintenance-free motorised rollers, decentralised conveyor functions and an integrated 48-volt power supply make KingDrive® the leading technology in the conveyor system segment.

The high-performance conveyor technology with the longest service life for low total cost of ownership.
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  • LONG SERVICE LIFE (> 30,000 operating hours) and low total cost of ownership thanks to gearless 48-volt motorised roller.

  • MAXIMUM SYSTEM AVAILABILITY thanks to redundancy - failure of one roller does not cause a standstill and the rollers can be replaced after operation.

  • REDUCES ENERGY CONSUMPTION by up to 10% compared to other motorised roller technology available on the market. The gearless motorised roller, an intelligent system for energy recovery and "Drive-on-Demand" make it possible

  • HIGH LEVEL OF ERGONOMICS due to low noise emission.

  • SHORTEST INSTALLATION TIMES ensured by fully integrated architecture and 100% pretested and prewired modules.

  • FLEXIBILITYprovided by the scalability of the system (adaptation of the numbers of rollers, conveyor function, speed etc.)



KingDrive® offers an extensive spectrum of products for fulfilling your material handling requirement in the best possible manner. Whether you choose horizontal roller conveyors, lifts or carton erectors, our modular system lets you choose from a wide range of products.

Gearless KingDrive® motorised roller

A single roller covers all speeds for the lowest amount of variance (low variety of spare parts). The rollers prevents the need for maintenance and reduces energy consumption

Integrated, decentralised conveyor functions

Fast commissioning through Master ConveyorController with pretested conveying functions (standardised software module) for activating up to 60 KingDrive® rollers

POWERTRACK – Integrated energy supply

24 V and 48 V power supply for sensors and actuators are fully integrated in the conveyor, plug-and-play system reduces wiring effort


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