Whether you choose SAP EWM Public Cloud or SAP EWM Private Cloud depends on your specific business requirements, IT resources and budget considerations. A careful evaluation of these factors will help you in your decision-making process. Furthermore, hybrid approaches that combine the advantages of both solutions are available.

SAP EWM Public Cloud

SAP EWM Public Cloud is provided in a cloud environment (managed by SAP and shared by several customers). The most important characteristics of this solution:

  • Cost efficiency: The Public Cloud offers an affordable opportunity to use SAP EWM, because the infrastructure (security), maintenance and updates are provided by SAP. This reduces the investment and operating expenses.
  • Scalability: Companies can scale the resources if needed, which means that they can adapt flexibly to changes in warehouse operations, e.g. during seasonal peaks.
  • Implementation: Setup is generally faster than with a private cloud or on-premise implementation, because many of the basics are already in place and services can be activated quickly.
  • Limited adaptation: The public cloud offers slightly fewer customisation options compared to the private cloud. 
  • Data sovereignty: The data is hosted in SAP's public cloud. There, you can decide in which country the data should be stored. You can select a data centre. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from cost efficiency and fast implementation. 

SAP EWM Private Cloud

The SAP EWM Private Cloud is provided in a dedicated SAP cloud environment. It is reserved exclusively for your company. Advantages of the solution:

•    Greater adaptability: Companies can strongly customise SAP EWM in the private cloud to support special warehouse and business processes.

•    Data control: The private cloud environment belongs exclusively to your company. This gives you full control over the physical security and storage of your data.

•    Higher costs: The private cloud generally requires a higher initial investment and higher operating expenses for infrastructure and maintenance.

•    Duration of implementation: It may take longer to implement than the public cloud, because more individual adaptations are required.

Does your company have special requirements? Do you have sensitive data and need full control over its security? If yes, the private cloud is the best choice.

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