Automatic goods receipt - receipt and storage of cartons.
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Smart system for goods receipt

Seven at 
one Stroke

Instead of eight, only one manual touch is required for the receipt of cartons: With One-Touch Receiving, we have automated the entire goods receipt process.One-Touch Receiving combines our industry-leading material handling equipment into one system.

One-Touch Receiving

Cartons are placed directly from the trailer on an extendable conveyor belt. The fully automatic process then starts with quality inspection (weight, volume, carton contour) and scanning. After being received in the system, the delivery quantity is compared with the order quantity, and after a conformity check it is stored in a mini-load system. Goods that have not been cleared through customs can also be put away, but remain blocked for picking replenishment. Processes such as quality control, recall actions and repacking of damaged cartons are also supported by the system and can be carried out at designated workstations. The mini-load supplies all downstream processes (for example, picking and goods issue for purchase orders with whole cartons).

Andy Lockhart Statement
Productivity Increase
Andy Lockhart, Vice President Sales Integrated Systems
TGW Systems Inc.
"Due to the
high automation degree
One-Touch Receiving leads to
reduced labour by as
much as 75%."
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  • RAPID ROI by eliminating all manual intervention, personnel costs associated with touches can be reduced by up to 75%

  • FAST TROUGHPUT due to maximum automation of the individual process steps

  • SMALL FOOTPRINT due to maximum storage density (up to 25 m high)

  • GREEN LOGISTICS maximum reliability through energy-efficient and low-maintenance components

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