Die lebenslange Aus- und Weiterbildung der mehr als 4.000 Mitarbeiter hat bei TGW zentralen Stellenwert
24. enero 2022

TGW focuses on education and training on International Day of Education

  • The lifelong education and further training of the company's more than 4,000 employees is of central importance to TGW
  • Alongside professional aspects, strong focus is placed on personal development
  • The intralogistics specialist dedicates at least ten percent of its annual profit to supporting educational projects as well as the comprehensive personal development of children and young people.

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 24 January 2022) The International Day of Education on 24 January serves as a reminder to us that education is the key to sustainable social development. Through this day of action, UNESCO aims to call attention to the importance of inclusion and equal opportunities and to shine a light on lifelong learning.

education plays a central role

Education plays an important role for the intralogistics specialist TGW, running the gamut from the littlest ones learning and growing in the safe environment of the "TGW Zwergennest" (munchkins' nest) company child care facility, to the apprentices, to the pupils and students receiving support during their internships and final thesis projects, all the way to a comprehensive training programme for the company's more than 4,000 employees around the globe.

Professional aspects and personal development

Harald Schröpf, CEO of the TGW Logistics Group, affirms that "Training and further education have long been of central significance to TGW – following our philosophy of 'Focusing on People – Learning and Growing'. In addition to professional aspects, we place a strong focus on personal development."

The intralogistics specialist also recently launched a comprehensive programme for education and development called MINDtastic; TGW thus creates the basis for lifelong learning and growth of its employees and raises the learning culture in the company to a completely new level.

Social entrepreneurship

TGW dedicates at least ten percent of its annual profit – and thus more than five million Euros in the last business year – to supporting TGW Future Private Foundation projects that focus on education- and technology-based innovations as well as on the comprehensive personal development of young people. This social entrepreneurship plays a central role in TGW's self-conception.

The initiatives that TGW supports range from the GRAND GARAGE in Linz to the B.E.L. private school and the CAP. programme (which makes it possible for high school students to complete a mechatronics engineering or cyber security apprenticeship while attending secondary school), to name a few. Sueniños is a socially oriented training project in the Mexican state of Chiapas that affords children and young people access to education, enabling them to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.


For more information on the projects, please visit:

TGW press release

TGW focuses on education and training on International Day of Education
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More than 170 young people complete their training at TGW
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Sozialpädagogisches Bildungsprojekt in Chiapas (Mexiko)
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