TGW Logo - Living Logistics

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Harald Schröpf

Chief Executive Officer, TGW Logistics Group

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Christoph Wolkerstorfer

Chief Sales Officer, TGW Logistics Group

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Joerg Scheithauer

Chief Financial Officer, TGW Logistics Group

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Johann Steinkellner

Chief Executive Officer, TGW Central Europe

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David Hibbett

Chief Executive Officer, TGW Northern Europe

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David Bendien

Chief Executive Officer, TGW Southern Europe

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Mario Herndl

Chief Executive Officer, TGW North America

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Frank Imkamp

Chief Executive Officer, TGW China

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Markus Sturm

Chief Executive Officer, TGW Mechanics

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Helmut Assmayr

Managing Director, TGW Software Services

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Robert Wagenstaller

Managing Director, TGW Robotics

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Press Pictures

TGW Evolution Park

The headquarters of TGW Logistics Group in Marchtrenk (AT).

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Next Generation Fulfilment Center

TGW is a leading systems integrator for highly automated, future-proof fulfilment centres.

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Systems Integration

TGW designs, manufactures, implements and maintains automated intralogistics solutions.

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Lifetime Services

TGW Lifetime Services: for highest system availability.

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Intralogistics solutions for Fashion & Apparel.

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Intralogistics solutions for Grocery.

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Industrie- & Konsumgüter

Intralogistics solutions for Industrial & Consumer Goods.

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One-Touch Receiving

Efficient inbound & storage system.

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Smart goods-to-person (GTP) order fulfilment system for single items.

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Zero-touch pocket sorter system.

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Innovative micro-fulfilment concept for grocers.

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Fully automatic depalletising system.

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PickCenter Rovolution

Fully automatic split case picking by robot.

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PickCenter One

1:1 high-performance picking workstation.

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Stingray Shuttle

Shuttle system for totes, cartons and hanging goods.

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High-performance conveyor technology.

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Mini-load warehouse

Automatic storage and retrieval machines.

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TGW Warehouse Software

TGW's IT solution for planning, monitoring and optimising fulfilment processes.

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