TGW Insights Technical Training Manager raise the skillsets of LTS onsite technicians
15. febbraio 2023

Demanding, empowering, strategic

Interview with Rultz Raymond, Technical Training Manager, on raising skill sets and and experience as an actor.

Name / job / TGW location: 
Rultz Raymond / Technical Training Manager / Grand Rapids, North America

My latest online order:
A blanket to stay warm at night.

At TGW since:
I started in 2017, then departed and returned recently. 

My most important piece of job equipment:
My baby screwdriver. 

My duties summarized in a book title:
A Most Interesting Profession

Our specialist department represented in a flag: What does it look like?
It looks like a flag that has a Superman-like logo but with TGW in the middle.

My clothing style at work:
Normally I wear a black TGW polo shirt and blue jeans in the summer and a black TGW zipped fleece jacket and blue jeans in winter. As you can probably tell, my favourite colour is black ;)

Early bird or night owl?  
As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

What is your job as Technical Training Manager about?

My job as a Technical Training Manager focuses on utilising my experience as an engineer within facilities in order to raise the skill sets of LTS onsite technicians and engineers in order to empower them to provide first-class service to TGW’s customers. Examples of raising skill sets include TGW-specific lessons on equipment in order to comprehend system functionality. The courses can be held both at a high and a low level. More general training is also an option, such as training on the comprehension of voltage flow in control panels. This will provide a deeper understanding of components within electrical panels so as to assist with troubleshooting efforts.

What has been your greatest success at TGW?

My greatest success at TGW has been being able to navigate TGW and build a career path which I truly enjoy. I started from the bottom now we’re up. The steps for this transition started from me working as an On-Site Resident Engineer, navigating to the hotline team to support and assist other site technicians and engineers with troubleshooting, then moving into a supervisory role within the hotline, followed by me assuming the role of the LTS Technical Training Manager.

Looking into the crystal ball: How will your job change in the next five to ten years?  

In the next five to ten years, I definitely see a lot of growth occurring as I will have attained my Masters in Software. I will be working on partnering with TGW in order to reach the next milestone and stabilise TGW’s self-healing systems through my knowledge of hardware, software and business.

How should someone be so that he or she feels comfortable in your team?

In order for someone to feel comfortable in my team, they just need to be themselves. We all bring our uniqueness to the table. As I always have been told in my drama classes, “You are enough,“ so bring yourself and your original and authentic you.


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