TGW errichtet Fulfillment Center für französischen Do-it-yourself-Marktführer

16. Kasım 2020

Do-it-yourself: Leroy Merlin awards major contract to TGW

  • The heart of the installation is a FlashPick® system
  • Leroy Merlin will be able to optimise its supply chain by reducing preparation times, increasing productivity and ensuring maximum availability 
  • Total Cost of Ownership in focus

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 16 November 2020) For Leroy Merlin's new logistics centre in the south-east of Paris, TGW's FlashPick® system is at the heart of the solution.

Whether for building materials, DIY, home furnishing or gardening, Leroy Merlin offers its customers a wide range of products and excellent service quality. To perfect the delivery, the French No. 1 in home improvement has positioned its new distribution centre in Réau, south-east of Paris. Systems integrator TGW has been chosen as partner for this new highly-automated fulfillment center. The go-live is scheduled for summer 2021.

flow control and optimisation

With this new platform, Leroy Merlin will be able to optimise its supply chain by reducing preparation times within the warehouse, increasing productivity and ensuring maximum availability of its products. The heart of the installation is a FlashPick® system that will support the storage of products in a shuttle system, the preparation of multi-referenced parcels on Goods-to-Person (GTP) PickCenter One workstations (one source tote / one target parcel) and the consolidation of orders for the palletisation of all items.

“We will benefit from the best performance to optimally control the flow of our products between suppliers, the warehouse and distribution to shops and e-commerce customers”, explains the Leroy Merlin team. “For the well-being of our employees, great importance has been placed on ergonomics and collaboration with robotics, to eliminate the risk of MSDs or injuries but also for the comfort of work.”

Das Leroy Merlin Shuttle-Lager mit Goods-to-Person-Kommissionierarbeitsplätzen

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in focus

Leroy Merlin required a particularly flexible, sustainable and efficient logistics system with a focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). “In addition to the acquisition of the system, TGW's scope also includes full service on-site maintenance. Thus, over a period of several years, around fifteen TGW technicians will ensure the system's smooth operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” explains Leroy Merlin.



Leroy Merlin setzt auf eine hochflexible, nachhaltige und effiziente Intralogistik-Lösung von TGW.

A complete intralogistics offer

TGW's FlashPick® solution consists of 9 shuttle aisles and 171 Stingray shuttles for a capacity of around 80,000 storage locations and a performance of around 70,000 order lines per day. The various work areas (picking, replenishment and palletising) will be interconnected by an energy-efficient KingDrive® conveyor network. The Stingray shuttle system will be connected to 6 PickCenter One® picking workstations (one source tote / one target parcel) for retail parcels and several palletising and depalletising stations. All processes are controlled by the WCS TGW Warehouse Software.

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