Expansion of the central warehouse.
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As a company with an international presence, Conrad is present as an omni-channel provider of tech gear and electronic goods.

Expansion of the central warehouse

Project Motivation

With a wide product range of over 700,000 articles, Conrad Electronic is renowned as a paradise for fans of electronic devices and other tech gear. However, after the multi-channel retailer experienced years of strong growth, the company's distribution centre in Wernberg, Bavaria, started to run up against its performance and capacity limits. Conrad decided the central warehouse facility. The heart of the new system is a powerful, highly dynamic shuttle system with goods-to-person order picking workstations.

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Key Benefits
  • HIGHER STORAGE CAPACITY and simultaneous enlargement of the item range

  • DOUBLING THE NUMBER OF PACKAGES SENT Approximately 100,000 deliveries to customers per day

  • FUTURE-PROOF SAP IT PLATFORM with storage management and material flow control system


Attaining the best service level for its customers both in the B2C and the B2B area. The existing intralogistics system was no longer adequate for this purpose. In order to maintain maximum flexibility for the omni-channel activities, it was high time to update the existing system. In collaboration with an SAP partner, we developed a suitable solution for more space, capacity and overall output.



30 workstations supplied with sequenced totes from the shuttle block. Parallel picking takes place with 300 picks per hour and workstation (multi order picking).


The automated shuttle system with 15 aisles and 46 levels is the core of the new installation. Our Stingray shuttles are used for storage and retrieval. Over forty order picking workstations have been installed on three levels on the platform to save space.


Order picking uses goods-to-person workstations. The operators follow the picking dialogues shown on the touchscreens according to the "pick-to-light" principle. A pick rate of approximately 250 picks per hour is achieved at these workstations.


At over 40 stations, the packaged cartons are transported directly to the shipping area. A “Natrix” sorter increases total output. The cartons are sealed and labelled automatically.

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The high-performance system enables Conrad to service the various sales channels from one distribution centre. In addition, the intralogistics are designed such that a growth strategy can be pursued without any problems.

Preventive Maintenance Services are a highly effective way to reduce unplanned downtimes


Conrad was able to double their order capacity. The perfectly harmonised interaction of the individual components offers Conrad powerful intralogistics with higher storage capacity and a simultaneous boost in the number of articles.

The ability to service varoius sales channels from one distribution centre.
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Conrad Electronic, a family-owned company, was founded in 1923. Since 1946, it has had its headquarters in Hirschau in the Upper Palatinate region of eastern Bavaria. As a company with an international presence with subsidiaries in 16 European countries, Conrad is present as an omni-channel provider of tech gear and electronic goods.

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