Highly automated distribution centre.
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The Switzerland-based Coop Genossenschaft also includes other commercial enterprises.

Highly automated distribution centre


The Swiss grocery retailer Coop has invested 600 million CHF in a new central and highly automated distribution centre. In Schafisheim near Zurich, three regional distribution centres, three freezer distribution centres and three large bakeries have been combined in a single location. The heart of the facility is a fully-automated freezer distribution centre, the refrigerator for refrigerated goods and the empty container control centre, that is helping Coop set new standards.

"The concentration of the quantity of goods at a single site enables investment in automation and robotics."

Daniel Hintermann, Director of Logistics at Coop

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  • OPTIMISATION OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN AND THE ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT: BY concentrating multiple distribution centres at a single site combined with a high degree of automation, Coop achieves a CO2 reduction of >10,000 tonnes per year, which brings it the company closer to the objective of being CO2 neutral by 2023.

  • OPTIMISATION OF WORKPLACE ERGONOMICS IN THE REFRIGERATION AREA: The high degree of automation ensures a significant improvement in workplace quality and safety in the refrigeration and deep-frozen area.


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