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Project Motivation

enjoy work. As one of the leading manufacturers of work wear (including footwear) and personal protective equipment, engelbert strauss supplies customers around the world. Due to strong growth over the last few years, the brand manufacturer decided to invest in a highly automated omni-channel DC in Schlüchtern, Germany. The goal was to centralise all logistics processes in one location, to digitalise and cross-link them.

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At a glance


  • CONNECTED CI FACTORY Connecting production and logistics in one location and comprehensive digitalisation and cross-linking of the processes

  • OMNI-CHANNEL DISTRIBUTION Adaptive processing of fluctuating and unpredictable order structures (split-case orders and large-volume supply orders for corporations and stores)

  • HIGHER CUSTOMER SERVICE LEVEL Individual packing patterns and promise of 24-hour delivery

  • INCREASED WAREHOUSE CAPACITY The continuous growth and expansion of products and product range called for a highly automated warehouse system with one million storage locations

  • INTEGRATED RETURNS HANDLING Faster processing of the returned goods through integration into the overall system for re-picking

Matthias Fischer Engelbert Strass Video

Strong Partnership

Matthias Fischer, Head of Operational Projects
engelbert strauss
Engelbert Strass Martin Waldenberger Video

order fulfilment system
as centrepiece

Martin Waldenberger, Sales Project Manager
TGW Logistics Group
"The centrepiece of the CI Factory
is the goods-to-person picking system,
which represents an extremely
high picking capacity.
This is made possible by
the integration of the shuttle system
with revolutionary picking workstations."


Goods receipt

At goods receipt, engelbert strauss receives cartons that are delivered from the international production locations, as well as returned goods. The distribution to the return workstations is driven by work load and fully automated. After inspection and repackaging, the goods are picked into an empty mix container that is directly forwarded to the fully automated shuttle system.


The goods from goods receipt are stored either in an automatic mini-load warehouse or directly in the shuttle warehouse with a total of one million storage locations. The automatic mini-load warehouse has two functions. It is both the supply storage for the shuttle system and the buffer storage for full cartons, which are directly forwarded to goods issue in the cross-docking process. Both the automatic mini-load warehouse and the shuttle system can store goods triple-deep, thus ensuring maximum storage density.

Thanks to the direct connection to the corporate shoe factory (production of customised footwear) and textile finishing, up to 400,000 pairs of shoes and six million textile finishing items can be produced in the corporate design of the customer in addition to the standard product range.

Order Fulfilment - Flashpick®

For order fulfilment, engelbert strauss relies on FlashPick®. Regardless of the order structure, the brand manufacturer processes both small and large orders using the Goods-to-Person (GTP) order fullfilment system: The goods are sorted out of the shuttle system fully automatically and distributed over 28 picking workstations  (PickCenter One) At the high-performance workstations, up to 1,000 SKUs per hour are picked directly into target cartons that have already been set up fully automatically. Supply and disposal of destination and source cartons is handled automatically and in sequence. This allows for the processing of up to 21 customer orders at one time per picking workstation. Consequently, a despatch capacity of up to 4,000 orders per hour is possible during peak times.

Goods issue

After the picking procedure, the orders are directly passed on to goods issue.

Finally, the cartons with the orders are automatically closed, strapped and labelled (shipping label). Then the cartons are made available at the gates.


Connected omni-channel DC & production 

The CI Factory combines production supply and omni-channel logistics under one roof. Thanks to the high degree of integration of the two areas, engelbert strauss can produce and deliver personalised, unique products just in time, in addition to the standard product range. Particular emphasis was put on the omni-channel capability of the plant. The order structures fluctuate from small to large orders and are difficult for the workwear specialist to predict. FlashPick® enables the brand manufacturer to serve all sales channels at the same time. The manufacturer does not have to worry about complicated batch processes and is able to keep its 24-hour delivery promise to the customer at all times.

Colossal project completed in record time thanks to a digital twin

One of the crucial success factors in the implementation of the project was the use of a digital twin. Using a complete, virtual representation of the entire solution, it was possible to test and optimise all strategies, processes and physical components in advance. Important key figures, such as the supply situation of the workstations, were thus verified before the plant went live. This is what made it possible to get the colossal 'CI Factory' project up and running ahead of schedule.


engelbert strauss with its headquarters in Biebergemünd, Germany, was founded in 1946. The company has about 1,400 employees. The workwear expert specialises in the production of clothing and accessories for work, shoes and personal protective equipment – or, as the family-owned company puts it, 'superhero uniforms'. The customer base consists of corporate customers from the skilled trades, industry and service as well as do-it-yourself customers. The products are sold via catalogue, online shop and company-owned retail stores.


Raffaele Destro
Vice President Business Development Fashion


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