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Automated DC for refrigerated goods

Project Motivation

Due to a high level of growth, the poultry specialist Fileni has invested in a new automated distribution centre for refrigerated goods in Cingoli, Italy, which serves as a national logistics hub. The direct connection to production and the high degree of automation accelerates the delivery process long-term. This guarantees the highest quality and service levels with respect to customers. The solution also improves productivity and meets the highest standards for workplace ergonomics in order to efficiently protect employees from the negative effects of their work.

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Key Benefits

  • IMPROVEMENT OF CUSTOMER SERVICES: e.g. shorter response/delivery times due to the highly-automated processes and the reduction of manual workflows as well as the direct connection of production to the warehouse

  • PRODUCT QUALITY GUARANTEE: the energy-efficient shuttle-system ensures fast storage and retrieval with optimal cooling (0-4°C) of sensitive poultry meat

Solution & Material Flow

Goods receipt and storage

Goods receipt is tied to production. The meat that is prepared on-site and external goods are transported in cartons from the goods receipt area to the shuttle warehouse with 110,000 storage locations. The energy-efficient Stingray shuttles ensure fast storage and retrieval of cartons – at temperatures from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.

Palletising and outbound area

The products are transported from the shuttle warehouse to the labelling lines in accordance with the customer orders, where they are labelled with all product information automatically. Afterwards, the goods are sequenced, palletised and prepared for shipping.


Control system and software from TGW

Fileni relies on TGW's software expertise: The TGW Warehouse Software and the control system ensures smooth processes within intralogistics. 

TGW shuttle system in the refrigeration area

The shuttle system ensures fast and efficient storage and retrieval at cool temperatures between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius and provides optimal cooling conditions for sensitive poultry meat. Thanks to the high degree of automation in the warehouse area, manual work can be reduced to a minimum. 

About Fileni

Fileni is the third-largest producer and marketer of poultry meat in Italy – and is a leader when it comes to poultry meat from organic farming. The company, headquartered in Cingoli near Ancona, Italy, is active in the business-to-business (B2B) sector and supplies wholesale customers and supermarkets with goods.

The poultry meat specialist is pursuing an ambitious course of growth and also wants to continue to expand in the coming years. For this reason, the company has invested in new automated intralogistics. The high-performance system features a throughput capacity of approximately 5,000 cartons per hour. It also meets the highest standards for workplace ergonomics.


Michael Schedlbauer
Vice President Business Development Grocery


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