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Automated full case palletising of cheese

Project Motivation

In addition to production, Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke has also automated its palletising process to improve the quality of the supply chain and guarantee faster delivery. The result was an automated palletising system that is directly linked to production. Thanks to the central palletising system, Heinrichsthaler was able to double its output to 100 pallets per hour. The solution is ideal thanks to the high level of flexibility and reliability it offers.

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Key Benefits

  • DOUBLING THE PALLETISING OUTPUT The automated central palletising process ensures an output of 100 pallets per hour and improves the quality of pallets

  • PRESERVATION OF PRODUCT QUALITY The innovative palletising process ensures the optimal protection of delicate sales packaging thanks to safe and gentle handling of difficult-to-process, upright cartons.

Initial situation

To ensure further growth, Heinrichsthaler opted for automation for the entire production site in Radeberg. The automated central palletising process improves the quality of the pallets that are created and ensures a significantly increased output of 100 pallets per hour. While taking into account the considerable number of experiences with dairy customers, we implemented a highly flexible and reliable solution. This ensures safe and gentle handling of difficult-to-process, upright cartons.

Solution & MaterialFlow

    The fully-automated central palletising solution is directly linked to production. The cartons with milk products are transported from the packaging lines to eight grouping stations, where the cartons are positioned and arranged with the support of a special tilting and turning device as well as a row turning device for palletising. Three fully automated gantry robots stack the cartons on pallets. The centralised slip sheet handling system also provides the palletising positions with slip sheets in a fully automated process. TGW control systems and software ensures efficient processes.
    The space-saving handling of empty pallets for the central pallet supply process includes automated pallet inspection, sortation and provision. Empty pallets that can no longer be used are discharged in a timely manner. 
    Before delivery, winders furnish the finished pallets with various types of edge protection to protect the sales packaging. 


Gantry robots

Three TGW gantry robots palletise milk products in an automated process. The robots have a compact and durable design with the highest palletising precision and ensure high output in the tightest of spaces. Low-maintenance guide and drive systems are reflected in the low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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About Heinrichsthaler

Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke GmbH, headquartered in Radeberg, Germany, is a specialist in the production of various hard and semi-hard cheese varieties made using milk from that region. The dairy products are supplied to wholesale customers and grocery retailers. With an export share of 40%, Heinrichsthaler also has a strong international orientation.


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