Intralogistic solutions for grocerie retail.
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Intralogistics solutions for groceries


TGW's intralogistics solutions as a competitive factor: Design the processes of brick-and-mortar retail and online shops in a smart and cost-effective manner – all while focussing on increasing the quality of service for consumers.  

Changes in purchasing habits, new shop concepts and an increasing variety of items require an efficient omnichannel supply chain. 

Our experts talk with you to figure out which intralogistics solution and which automation degree are best for your company. Renowned, satisfied customers already trust in our expertise.  



Our individualised Door2Door solutions are optimally tailored to companies from the sectors of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), e-commerce and grocery stores. All temperature zones are covered (ambient, fresh, chilled, frozen) to ensure the optimum product quality of sensitive goods at all times. We think long-term and consider each project over the entire life cycle: from planning to implementation and ongoing operation, as well as adjustments and expansions to be made later on.

A high-capacity logistics centre was built for the grocer, consisting of four large subareas.


Schnelle Lieferung der Lebensmittel bei Frisco.

Automated eGrocery Fulfillment Center

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Come along as we journey into the world of online grocery retail in the eGrocery Dialogue. Along the way, we will highlight trends, challenges and solutions in this high-growth segment.

E-Grocery Special



Every industry has its own rules and challenges – of course, the area of food manufacturing and commerce is no exception. We work together with you to design the optimal solution for your requirements and to implement it on schedule. Our expertise for the grocery sector at a glance...

The reliable supply of shops, the growing skilled worker shortage and the changing demands of consumers regarding the convenience of shopping or the sustainability of products are just a few of the points that need to be taken into account in grocery logistics.  

In addition, the wide variety of product groups have different requirements for the required ambient temperature. Here, we have the definitive matching automation solution - from 30 degrees below zero to 40 above. 

As early as the planning phase, it is critical to develop a customised maintenance and repair concept. This provides a long-term reduction in the operating costs and, as a result, the Total Cost of Ownership

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Online grocery retail offers enormous growth potential – however, the profitability of many business models still leaves much to be desired. High costs for fulfilment and "the last mile" play a major role here.  

With the right intralogistics and the appropriate degree of automation, the costs for each picked item as well as the processing times of orders can be drastically reduced. This results in a significant increase in service quality for consumers. Loading delivery vehicles optimally also ensures an efficient "last mile" delivery.  

Whether it is in a regional or a central fulfilment Center: Our high-performance Goods-to-Person-Order Fulfilment System FlashPick® can be used in all temperature zones (ambient, chilled, frozen). We also take maintenance and servicing costs into account during the planning phase in order to make your Business Case as positive as possible thanks to a low Total Cost of Ownership

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We combine the strengths of brick-and-mortar retail with the convenience of e-commerce. With our innovative OmniStore® store and logistics concept, we have developed a system for fast, flexible and cost-effective order processing for grocers. This ensures that you are ready for omnichannel fulfilment and your customers will be able to look forward to innovative and modern options for doing their shopping.

Learn more about OmniStore® 

Ensuring optimal product quality is our top priority! Manufacturers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), such as milk and meat products, benefit from our semi-automated to fully-automated solutions, which, of course, can also be used in freezer applications.  

Whether the solutions are being set up for single-article or mixed orders – well-known companies in the consumer goods industry already trust our solutions in the palletising, de-palletising and order picking areas.  

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  • INDUSTRY EXPERTISE from food production to e-commerce. Our experts develop the right solution for an extremely wide variety of distribution channels and temperature zones

  • PROCESS OPTIMISATION Improve processes and save costs thanks to the use of high-automation solutions

  • GREEN LOGISTICS You will lower your energy costs, especially for chilled goods and frozen food, thanks to the use of energy-efficient systems

  • SPACE SAVINGS Thanks to the use of systems with optimum storage density



What was the initial situation and the goal set? What was the solution we provided and how did it fulfil our customer's expecations? A selection of current case studies…  

Highly automated distribution centre.


Direct carton handling.


Central deep freeze logistics centre.


E-Commerce Lösung für


Automated distribution centre.


Automated DC for refrigerated goods.


Automated full case palletising of cheese.


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