Retail distribution: The right automation solution with efficient technology for fresh and frozen goods.

The reliable supply of the growing network of shops, the continually changing product portfolio, the increasingly critical shortage of skilled labour and the ever-growing demand for fresh products are just a few of the points that need to be taken into account in food logistics.

To ensure delivery of optimal quality, strict compliance with temperature specifications is required along the supply chain. As a specialist for temperature-controlled warehouses, TGW has the suitable solution for the refrigeration and freezer areas.

Depending on the customer's request, TGW comes up with turnkey solutions or supports leading partners with efficient technology for the refrigeration and freezer areas.

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  • AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS Our automated solutions guarantee efficient warehousing, order picking and palletising processes - from goods receipt to goods issue. 

  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY Zero-touch operations providing the potential for high productivity.

  • LOW TRANSPORT COSTS Low transport costs due to volume-optimised pallets and roll containers.

  • LOW SUPPLY COSTS Low supply costs in the shops due to shop-oriented pallets / roll containers.

  • PALETISING SOLUTIONS Wide spectrum of palletising solutions for a wide variety of requirements.

  • STINGRAY SHUTTLE SYSTEME Highly dynamic processes for taking goods into and out of storage and extremely short lead times in all temperature ranges thanks to TGW STINGRAY Shuttle systems.



Coop prides itself on being the best and most customer-oriented grocer in Switzerland. This high standard brings with it a great number of requirements in intralogistics. To meet these needs, we created an integrated intralogistics system distributed over multiple buildings and spanning some 240,000 m². Important features include the refrigerated logistics centre and the fully automated freezer warehouse, with which Coop is raising the bar.

Michael Schedlbauer | Industry Manager Grocery, TGW
Michael Schedlbauer
Industry Manager Grocery
TGW Logistics Group GmbH
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