Living a new experience


Living a new experience

by Stefanos Theocharis, Controls Engineer


I am already six months in the United Kingdom and TGW Northern Europe and so far the experience is quite exciting. I came here looking for the next step in my career. After six years working in the tobacco industry, I felt that it was time for a new challenge. Given the financial situation and the uncertainty in Greece, it was unlikely to find a new job which will fulfill my criteria within the borders. For that reason, going abroad was the most realistic option. Taking that decision wasn’t easy at all. I had to leave my girlfriend, my family and all my lovely friends behind. But working abroad has always been on my mind, so I decided to join  the TGW team and move to the United Kingdom.

Moving from South Europe to the United Kingdom for work is a challenge itself. I had to adapt myself to the circumstances of a new country and a new working environment completely different from what I was used to before. From the very first days in the office, I realized that the adaption would be much easier, than I expected. The people of TGW Northern Europe, my new colleagues, were open to provide me any help about all the necessary organizational issues I had to take care in the beginning.

TGW also supported me with my accommodation the first weeks .I am grateful for that, since I had the chance to live in the TGW house together with two very interesting colleagues from Austria, Christoph Knogler and Andreas Meindlhumer. I felt very welcome in the company’s house and we had a great time. We visited pubs in Leicester to watch football matches of the local team just a few weeks before they won the championship and the atmosphere was amazing. We also had the chance to experience the atmosphere of a Premiership match inside the stadium since we watched a game in Birmingham. In the end of my stay in TGW house, I was happy to add my signature to the house together with the other residents of the TGW house.

Being in UK, it was also a nice chance for me to visit some favorite friends who already live here. So the first weekends I was busy visiting friends in the North of England and London as well. The location of TGW Northern Europe, Market Harborough is not only ideal for business but also ideal for visiting some other cities in England. You can go to London by train easily. This is a great advantage since London itself is very exciting and with lots of interesting places to visit.

As a Greek in UK, I thought that there would be a lot of things that I missed by coming here and especially the weather. Luckily, I came to the United Kingdom during spring and I can say that summer in UK is a nice season to be here. The weather is not as rainy as I expected and I do not miss the heat wave of the Greek summer at all , which is a pleasure for holidays but not the best conditions when you have to work. My biggest impression regarding the weather is the fact that the weather changes quite fast compared to Southern Europe.
My job as controls engineer at TGW Northern Europe is a really nice experience. For me, working in this interesting industry is quite new. From the first day, I had support from all colleagues of my department. A remarkable fact is that I am working with people from many different countries. This gives me a chance to exchange experiences and make myself familiar with different cultures. At the end of the day, I realize that this process helps me to broaden my view on our world.

Stefanos Theocharis

Controls Engineer