My TGW Experience

by Christoph Bittenauer

The idea of going abroad has always been in my head since the day I joined TGW Mechanics in 2013. I started my career in project realization and after a few years I actively looked for an opportunity to go abroad. But as it turned out the chances of doing so would be better if I switched to our sales department. For this reason I decided to take the plunge and applied for the intercompany application engineering position.

After a 6 month training period my line manager offered me an opportunity to go to our UK unit and support their sales department for a year. I got the chance to get a sneak peak of the offices and the surrounding area during my first visit for the TGW NE Comms Day (for all of you that are not familiar with the comms day: the communication day is an event where the whole of TGW Northern Europe comes together for one day and gets an update regarding business, strategies and personal affairs).  After that my decision was made and I started to plan things for my year abroad.

Time flew quickly and my days in Austria became fewer and fewer, and before I left, I organized a proper farewell party with another colleague who was also going abroad. I had a lot of fun with my friends & workmates and sadly wished them goodbye. Leaving my girlfriend behind was one of the hardest steps for me, but fortunately flights from Austria to the UK are really cheap these days and we managed to regularly meet each other.

Now it was time for me to get my life into 2 suitcases and head off into a new adventure in a new country. My new hometown, called Market Harborough, is approx. the size of Marchtrenk, with roughly 25.000 people and a vibrant lifestyle. The great variety of food and pubs is something that made it very special to me. It is based in the heart of the country, in an area called the Midlands, so it is fairly close to cities like: Leicester, Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham … which are all worth visiting if you plan a trip to the UK. Furthermore it is only an hour’s trainride away from exciting London.

When I first met the guys, with whom I shared a small house for the time I was here in the UK, I felt warmly welcomed. My first few weeks here in the UK were not what I was expecting and we had beautiful late-summer days with a lot of sunshine and no rain at all (I also couldn’t believe it).

I was warmly welcomed in the UK sales department and got up to speed in a short time. From day one I was given a wide range of interesting tasks, which broadened my knowledge of the TGW spectrum from an integration business point of view, having previously only worked as an Application Engineer at TGW Mechanics.

I’ve really enjoyed getting a much wider knowledge base of our products and how we apply all of them into a unique and compelling solution. I also acquired a wider understanding of our systems every day and tried to contribute as much as I could to deliver a solution, which we ourselves approve of, and more importantly which the customer is happy with. By liaising closely with customers and our system designers I was able to influence greatly the way in which a layout is drawn up.

During my work here I also delved into some topics/ problems that occurred. I really enjoyed this work and it also turned out to be very helpful for other departments as well as myself in furthering my knowledge and experience.

Overall I can say I definitely made the right decision in going to the UK and would be happy to do it all over again. The experiences and relationships I have made in this last year have been of great value to me. Last but not least I’d like to thank TGW for the opportunity I’ve been given. I have really appreciated it and would recommend it to anyone who would like to broaden their horizon and have new experiences.

Because of my passion for FPV (=first person view) drone racing I shipped all my gear over to the UK to get the chance to explore the surroundings and the countryside from a very different perspective.

I had the idea in mind to finish this blogpost with a freestyle drone video, shot within the property of TGW (of course with permission of the CEO ;-) )





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Christoph Bittenauer

Applications Engineer