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Focus on automation: customised FMCG solution for your company

The production of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as dairy and meat products requires a guarantee of the highest product quality at all times. Given the dynamic market changes, however, producers face numerous challenges.

These include increasing requests for smaller order quantities, the necessity to minimise product damage, coping with a broad product range, as well as labour shortages and associated rising labour costs.

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TGW's solutions offer producers in the area of FMCG the opportunity to successfully overcome these challenges. Whether single-item or mixed orders, TGW's partially and fully-automated solutions optimise the supply chain, improve process efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. Another advantage is the versatility of our solutions, which can be implemented in all temperature zones.

By implementing TGW technology, FMCG producers can optimise their operation, lower costs and at the same time ensure the quality of their products. Our solutions provide flexibility, reliability and efficiency: everything that producers need to succeed in a constantly evolving market environment.


FMCG Production automation solution

  • HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY Safe and gentle handling of goods ensures optimal protection of the sensitive sales packaging
  • INCREASED PERFORMANCE Automated central palletising can increase pallet output and improve pallet quality

FullPick is a robust and flexible standard system that can also be utilised in freezer applications.

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FMCG Lösung von TGW Logistics: hohe Produktqualität, gesteigerte Leistung
KingDrive ist TGW's Fördertechniksystem für Behälter, Tablare, Kartons und Polybags.


Bestellen Sie online? Dann sind ihre Produkte in Weichverpackungen in Form von Polybag, Paperbag oder Versandtasche bestimmt auch bereits über unsere Fördertechnik transportiert worden.

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