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The Switzerland-based Coop Genossenschaft also includes other commercial enterprises.

Fully automated freezer DC down to -9° F


The Swiss grocery retailer Coop supplies all of its national retail stores from its central deep-freeze distribution center in Schafisheim, Switzerland. Coop's deep-freeze solution boasts the highest possible degree of automation – from depalletizing to palletizing. Cooling in different temperature zones is crucial: In keeping with the motto "only as cold as necessary", the temperature varies between 23° F during depalletizing and palletizing as well as down to -9° F in the pallet and shuttle warehouse. The compact design and highly efficient equipment significantly reduce energy costs.

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  • SMALLER FOOTPRINT AND LOWER ENERGY COSTS The compact solution design allows for a smaller footprint and efficient space utilization. The goods in the deep-freeze warehouse are efficiently stored in high-density racking, reducing energy costs significantly.

  • STORE-FRIENDLY AND VOLUME-OPTIMIZED PACKING Fully automatic palletizing robots prepare store orders on ready-to-ship pallets. The items are palletized based on an optimized, pre-cubed pattern allowing for reduced transport costs. In addition, the items are stacked in a store-friendly manner helping Coop to reduce the effort putting away the delivered items in the store.


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