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The Switzerland-based Coop Genossenschaft also includes other commercial enterprises.

Fully-automated DC for fresh food

Fresh goods 
on a daily basis

The automatic refrigeration system is the regional cold storage system for approximately 360 Coop shops in the Northwestern Switzerland-Central Switzerland-Zurich sales region. Coop processes the shop orders for milk and confectionery products as well as meat and fish on a daily basis at +36 °F using a fully automated and highly dynamic picking solution. This consists of a shuttle warehouse, including automated roll container depalletizing in the goods receipt area and roll container loading in the goods issue area.

"We were looking for a company that operates similarly to Coop – sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner."

Domenico Repetto, Director of Logistics in the Northwestern Switzerland-Central Switzerland-Zurich region for Coop

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  • SHORTEST LEAD TIMES The quality of fresh goods is crucial for every consumer. With the shortest lead times, the fulfillment solution ensures that ordered goods are handled carefully and get to shops as quickly as possible.

  • SHOP-SPECIFIC PICKING All orders are arranged by a fully automatic packing pattern generator so that they can be efficiently stored away once they reach the shops.


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