GAP automates case handling.
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GAP Inc. is a leading global retailer.

GAP automates case handling


Since 1969 GAP has grown from a single retail store to the largest specialty fashion retailer in the US with seven major brands (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Intermix, Hill City, Janie and Jack). GAP's main goal was to improve operational efficiency by reducing the number of manual touches in their DCs. They have invested in highly automated case handling technology over the past eight years in their fulfillment centers in Fishkill (US), Fresno (US), Gallatin (US), Groveport (US) and Brampton (CAN).

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  • REDUCE OPERATIONAL COSTS eliminating manual touches prior to picking (One-Touch Receiving) helps to reduce costs and to improve process speed and quality

  • LESS RELIANCE ON LABOR the ability to find enough operators for the fulfillment centers is the biggest issue. By implementing a solution for case handling that utilizes a high degree of automation, allows the inbound process to function efficiently without disruptions (also during peaks)

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