Omni-channel distribution center for Puma in Europe.
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Omni-Channel DC für Puma

PUMA's newest DC improves service levels


Puma, one of the world's leading sporting goods manufacturers for shoes, clothing and accessories, has invested in a new central European Distribution Center  in Geiselwind, Germany. The goal was to combine multiple B2C/B2B distribution centers into one fulfillment center. The new omni-channel DC serves all channels (retail/wholesale, direct) from one location and fulfills orders from throughout Europe.

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At a glance
  • CENTRALIZATION Consolidating the European distribution centers into one central fulfillment center in Geiselwind, Germany

  • OMNI-CHANNEL Fulfillment of retail/wholesale and direct orders from one distribution center

  • AUTOMATION A high degree of automation ensures a consistent output level - even when there are drastic peaks


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