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Kellner & Kunz AG

Expansion of the existing system

Project Motivation

The benefits: increase throughput, gain higher productivity and reduce the error rate by more than 50 percent. Kellner & Kunz, a company of the RECA group, invested in a highly automated fulfillment solution to achieve these targets. Due to higher than expected growth rates the tools manufacturer decided to expand the existing system.

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Key Benefits

  • POWERFUL COMBINATION of an automated mini-load warehouse and a shuttle system

  • INCREASED THROUGHPUT that allows for reduced delivery times



  • FULLY AUTOMATED SORTATION AND SHIPPING of customer orders in both the B2C and B2B channels



The products are delivered on pallets and in cartons and are prepared for storage at state-of-the-art workstations. In addition, there are workstations that allow the replenishment of products from the high-bay warehouse. This automation project contains an automated tote warehouse, an automated pallet warehouse, an automated tray warehouse and a person-to-goods tote picking system.


20 picking workstations are provided to allow the fast-moving products to be pulled from the distribution center as quickly as possible. These products are supplied by two Mustang storage and retrieval machines (SRM). In the picking area, there are a total of 1,900 positions for totes and 2,800 storage positions in the flow channel.


There are a total of 16 packing workstations. These workstations allow 700 boxes per hour to be packed. Operators can prepare up to 45 pallets per hour for shipment.


The automated mini-load warehouse is equipped with 15 Mustang Evolution SRMs using the anti-sway design. The solution is being expanded by adding a shuttle system. The implementation also includes six high-performance picking workstations



The expansion was achieved without effecting the ongoing operation (retrofit). The Kanban supply was adapted and the C-parts management services were implemented to meet current customer requirements.

Lifetime Services 10-year Service Contract

A 10-year service contract (remote customer support, on-site technicians, maintenance, genuine parts management) ensures maximum system availability with transparent and predictable costs. Kellner & Kunz is able to concentrate on its core processes while onsite TGW engineers work proactively on maintenance and continuous improvement of the system. The tools manufacturer benefits from cost transparency and low Total Cost of Ownership.  

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The company is known primarily for its high-quality tools of the proprietary RECA brand. Kellner & Kunz AG is part of the international RECA Group and one of the leading providers of tools, fastening systems and C-parts. The company's primary client base consists of industrial customers and trade shops. These companies are supplied with everything they need. The headquarters in Wels, AT supplies customers in Austria and Europe with more than 120,000 products.

Kellner & Kunz AG was founded in 1922 and is now a leading supplier of tools, fastening technology, and C-parts. The company supplies craftsmen, manufacturing companies, and the automotive sector. In 2018, the company, which is part of the international RECA-Group, showed a turnover of more than EUR 273 million and a workforce of about 1,300 employees.


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