Direct carton handling.
High level of flexibility
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The German poultry producer Wiesenhof is part of the PHW Group.

Direct carton handling

Project Motivation

The German poultry processing company Wiesenhof rebuilt its meat processing facility, including its distribution center. The solution, in two different temperature zones for refrigerated and freezer goods, ensures maximum availability and flexible material flows for cartons and meat crates that conform to European standards. Innovative automation technology is utilized in a partly redundant design. The products themselves either come from in-house production or are delivered externally in order to be consolidated in the distribution center as well as prepared for combined shipping.

distribution center with different temperature zones for refrigerated and freezer goods for Wiesenhof.
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  • HIGH LEVEL OF FLEXIBILITY of the material flow thanks to direct carton handling and the use of euro boxes

  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY thanks to innovative automation technology in a partly redundant design


After a major fire, Wiesenhof had to rebuild its entire warehouse. The automated solution ensures an increase in output of poultry meat distribution as well the highest availability and flexibility due to the use of innovative automation technology.  



Products from in-house production as well as external goods are consolidated in the distribution center. Depending on the requirements, the external pallets are transported to the pallet high-bay warehouse or are depalletized directly.

Order picking

Poultry products from in-house production as well as external products are either sent to the automated palletizing station right away, where three gantry robots palletize up to 16 SKUs in parallel, or are transported onward to the dynamic picking buffer (shuttle warehouse). Non-mixed pallets can also be stored in the pallet warehouse based on the respective order, and from there either go to non-mixed negative picking with the aid of depalletizing robots or directly to the goods issue area. 


The customer pallets are sorted and made available using route grouping by means of the automated goods issue buffer. 


  • The TGW Warehouse Software  controls all processes at the distribution center.
  • Layer palletizing is a special highlight of Wiesenhof's fulfillment solution. The items are palletized with the aid of gantry robots for shop replenishment. 


The German poultry producer Wiesenhof, headquartered in Lohne, Germany is part of the PHW Group. PHW is one of the largest producers and processors of poultry meat in Germany and supplies supermarkets and discounters. 

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