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Picnic selects TGW as partner for highly-automated fulfilment centre

  • FlashPick® system with multiple temperature zones
  • Robot-supported loading of the delivery vehicle frames
  • Picnic and TGW: Starting point for a strategic partnership

8. luglio 2020

TGW receives Plus X Award

  • Stingray HG (hanging goods) shuttle wins in the categories of innovation, high quality and functionality
  • TGW further expands expertise in the fashion area
  • First customer system has already gone live with the new technology

22. giugno 2020

TGW helps Mango improve its service level

  • central intralogistics hub for Spanish fashion retailer
  • increase in capacity for order preparation

5. giugno 2020

TGW is the most family-friendly company in Upper Austria

  • 1st prize at Felix Familia Award 2020 for the TGW Zwergennest company childcare facility.
  • Upper Austrian state family award recognises innovative projects that promote harmony between work and family

5. giugno 2020

“If your service is poor, you become easy prey for your competitors”

  • Challenges in spare parts logistics
  • Digitalisation: what role does it play?

18. maggio 2020

“Logistics must give customers what they want, not the other way round”

  • Future of grocery retail from the supply chain perspective
  • OmniStore combines the advantages of online shopping and brick-and-mortar retail

31. marzo 2020

FlashPick® system for expert, the retail group

  • TGW Software Suite controls all processes 
  • Four-aisle shuttle warehouse with more than 50,000 storage locations
  • Reduced lead times and expedited delivery

10. marzo 2020

Successful collaboration between Zalando and TGW

  • After just 45 months, and right on time, TGW handed over the third system in a row to the leading European online platform for fashion in Lodz
  • Three 130,000 m² facilities with highly automated warehouse and logistics space: That's the equivalent of around 54 football fields
  • Reliable and high-performance TGW solution for e-commerce

25. febbraio 2020
PickCenter One Arbeitsplatz

Modex 2020 – TGW showcases future-proof order fulfillment

  • PickCenter One – high performance workstation being demonstrated at the TGW booth #7605
  • FlashPick®: the ideal one-stop system for fully automated split case picking
  • Increased focus on the United States market for TGW

13. febbraio 2020
Blick auf das Fource Logistikzentrum

TGW erects intralogistics system for automotive spare parts specialist Fource

  • Highly automated FlashPick® system with more than 180,000 storage locations
  • TGW Software Suite is responsible for Warehouse Management
  • 5-year Lifetime Services agreement

6. febbraio 2020
Foto della stampa

TGW Evolution Park

La Sede TGW di Marchtrenk (AT).

JPG | 255,22 kB

Lifetime Services

Life Time Service TGW: per sistemi ad alta affidabilità.

JPG | 278,59 kB

TGW Warehouse Software

Soluzione IT per pianificazione, monitoraggio e ottimizzazione dei processi di preparazione ordini.

JPG | 312,46 kB


Concetto innovativo per la preparazione di micro-ordini.

JPG | 259,33 kB


Sistema sorter a tasche zero-touch.

JPG | 269,15 kB


Preparazione di ordini di singoli pezzi con efficienti soluzioni Goods-to-person (GTP).

JPG | 396,46 kB
Alexander Tahedl
Communications Specialist
TGW Logistics Group GmbH