16. gennaio 2017

Aiming High

TGW Mustang – the new generation of storage and retrieval machines


TGW Mustang – the new generation of storage and retrieval machines

To date, more than 7,500 storage and retrieval machines have been shipped from the TGW production facility in Wels, Austria. They store and handle millions of goods in logistics warehouses all over the world – safely, reliably and high quality. Now, the new TGW Mustang includes features that up the ante both in performance and height accessibility.

At a first glance, it seems to be quite simple: a rack with several aisles holding cartons and totes, paired with storage and retrieval machines that make things move in the warehouse. But it's not quite so easy. What's behind all this is an exciting story about a mechatronic system which has demanded a lot of effort and know-how from all people involved in product development.

Keeping the pace – the new generation

Our customers' requirements literally aim high: increasingly higher storage volumes with maximum dynamics. TGW’s new generation of AS/RS machines has been engineered to satisfy these needs. But what differentiates the new generation of TGW Mustang from our previous systems? "The differences are immediately visible: we go higher than before," notes Martin Rausch, Managing Director of TGW Mechanics. "Reaching up to 82 feet (25 metres) high, these storage and retrieval machines deliver maximum throughput performance – as well as considerably increased storage volume – combined with all current TGW load handling devices. That height hasn't been available before!" The intelligent TGW Mustang is equipped with an innovative anti-swing control. That means no anti-pendulum drive is required for machines with a height of up to 59 feet (18 metres).

Easier and faster maintenance is another advancement: the machine's operation is captured continuously via a video camera mounted on the load handling device, for prompt identification of malfunctions. "The new TGW Commander generation supports tablet-based monitoring of machine operation so that users can easily see the their function. These tablets allow service engineers to directly access the camera on the load handling device to view live pictures. In case of a malfunction, they are also able to watch recorded videos. This makes troubleshooting a lot easier," adds Rausch.

For additional ease of service, the control cabinets have been separated from the machine, making them accessible without additional platforms. Further, when an anti-pendulum drive is included, a platform directly attached to the mast allows for safe access to the components.

New model delivers consistent quality

In addition to the new generation TGW Mustang delivering greater efficiency and higher storage volumes in very high warehouses, its features also reduce operational costs. An integrated energy management takes care about low energy consumption and maximum efficiency of the devices. "We rely on intelligent, modular and durable mechatronic systems with a low total cost of ownership (TCO)," Rausch continues. "For example, the anti-swing control reduces swinging of the mast. During commissioning, the machines independently learn and optimise parts and parameters. And, in case the power supply fails, deceleration is controlled to prevent damage to the equipment and to products. All of these standard features, and more, help our customers save costs."

The first models of the new TGW Mustang have already been shipped to international TGW customers. Already before the project had been finished, TGW could enthuse renown customers, which include starlim//sterner, with the new TGW Mustang generation: "At starlim//sterner we always rely on the latest technologies – also with the current retrofit project. It was clear from the start that the two new mini-load aisles will be equipped with the new generation of TGW’s Mustang storage and retrieval machines. With this, we create the perfect scenario for possible expansions and at the same time achieve better performance and lower life cycle costs in the warehouse,” says Markus Bründl, Vice President Operation at starlim//sterner.

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