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We live and breathe logistics. As such, we are the ideal lifecycle partner - from planning and solutions design to project realisation and lifetime service. We create reliable and sustainable supply chain technologies, products and turnkey solutions that we continuously improve. We have an extremely competent and motivated team that embraces the responsibility of being a 'whole life partner' for each of our customers, all over the world.

We relish the challenge of working closely with each customer to design, deliver and maintain a high quality, project-specific intralogistics solution including mechatronic equipment, controls and software that will grow and develop over its lifetime to meet the customer's changing requirements and to build on their success.

Facts and Figures

TGW Logistics Group is a leading global systems provider of highly dynamic, automated and turnkey logistics solutions. Since 1969 the company, which has been owned by the TGW Future Private Foundation since 2004, has been successfully implementing customised internal logistics solutions, ranging from small material handling applications to complex logistics centres across the 

world. With approximately 2,800 employees worldwide, the foundation-owned company implements logistics solutions for market leading companies in various industries. In the business year 2016/2017, the TGW Logistics Group generated sales revenues of 621 million Euros.




475 million Euros

532 million Euros

621 million Euros

2,200 employees

2,400 employees

2,800 employees

TGW across the world

Corporate Social Responsibility

At TGW we see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our mission – both within the company group and with regards to external projects – to support the young generation and promote aspiring talent. We focus on the education, growth and the personal development of young people and encourage their success.

We actively encourage the success of young people. 10 per cent of the company’s revenues are used for charitable projects of the Future Wings Foundation. We can help their athletic dreams coming true, educate CAP.tains and lay the foundations for a professional future in Mexico. The next generation is important to every one of us. Take a look at the projects we are proud to support:



TGW Logistics Group employs 2,800 people and generated a turnover of €621 million in the year 2016/2017.


Acquisition of CHM Automatisierungstechnik GmbH and founding of TGW Robotics in Stephanskirchen (Germany)


New branch in Roosendaal (Netherlands)


Opening of the TGW production site in China: TGW Logistics Equipment Production (Changzhou) Co., Ltd


New branch in Antwerp (Belgium)


Acquisition of Klug integrierte Systeme and founding of TGW Software Services in Teunz (Germany)


TGW launches new KingDrive® technology


New branch in Hobro (Denmark)


New branch in Shanghai (China)


New branch in Rotkreuz (Switzerland)


Expansion in Brazil: Partnership with CSI from Sao Paolo (Brazil)


New branch in Istanbul (Turkey)


TGW launches new STINGRAY shuttle solution


New branch in Gothenburg (Sweden)


New branch in Nanjing (China)


New branch in Courcouronnes (France)


New model of the storage and retrieval machine: “Mustang Evolution”


New representative office in Poznan (Poland)


New branch in Leicestershire (United Kingdom)


Integration of TGW Systems Integration GmbH

The Future Wings Private Foundation is founded


New branch in Spilamberto (Italy)


Expansion in USA: Purchase of Ermanco, Inc. (TGW-ERMANCO, Inc.)


Co-founder Ludwig Szinicz initiates the TGW Future Foundation. After he had bought his partner Heinz König’s share of the company, he donates 100 per cent of TGW to the foundation ( This way, he chooses the foundation to be the one and only owner of TGW Logistics Group.


Opening of a new branch in Hildesheim (Germany)


New branch in Barcelona (Spain)


New generation of stacker cranes launched


Founding of TGW, Inc. to improve sales and service opportunities in North America


Introduction of “Twister“ load handling device for cartons and totes.


Reorganisation of internal management structure to stay ahead of an increasingly fast-paced industry


New branch office in Korb (Germany), now situated in Waiblingen


On-going growth and launch of new load handling device “Spectra”


Launch of “Commissioner” compact small parts storage and retrieval system with revolutionary load handling device


Launch of combi-telescope pallet conveyor system and roller formed profile for chain conveyors


Stacker cranes “Mustang” and “Stratus” developed with steel masts for light construction


New office complex and new production works begin


Product launch of the new TGW software CI_LOG


Awarded first contract worth over 15 million DM


Awarded first contract worth over 10 million DM


Stationary drive stacker crane: “Mustang”


Founding of TGW Transportgeräte GmbH, Siegen, Germany


First aluminium mast stacker crane: “Alupfeil“


First tote stacker crane launched


Awarded first contract worth over 2 million DM


Company expansion and move to new Location


First mechanical roller conveyor


Founding of the company by Ludwig Szinicz and Heinz König with ten employees.