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13. December 2017

Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis!

I had seen the very successful movie „Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis“ of 2009 taking place in the North of France, which is most of all known for the unique language of its inhabitants, but for sure I had not ever expected to come to this place - and not at all - to live and work here for at least one year.
16. October 2017

My TGW Experience

The idea of going abroad has always been in my head since the day I joined TGW Mechanics in 2013.
13. September 2017

A taste of Michigan

After four years working in Austria as a Project Manager, I was offered the opportunity to transfer to the US for a period of a year and a half.
11. August 2017

Exploring the Austrian Culture

For those who know me, living overseas is not a new experience, since I was a child I have lived in a number of countries but until the training in Austria I had always been with my family.
27. June 2017

"Fairly local" in Austria

It seems very easy to compare both countries, underline the differences between the Austrian and Ukrainian culture, refresh in the memory what was the biggest shock and voilà – the new article for the TGW blog is ready
23. May 2017

„La vida loca“ – or just a cliché?

1st of April 2017 says my calendar, which means that I have already spent six months in Barcelona. Time flies, half of the time of my expatriation year has already passed, and this is no April fool.
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