On-site support means that TGW engineers work directly at your site. By permanently monitoring your installation, our experts can provide immediate recognition and resolution of possible issues so that the availability of your installation is maximised.

Depending on your requirements, TGW works out the perfect programme for you. Together with you, we define and achieve the required tasks.

On-site support packages

Customised to your requirements, TGW offers four packages for on-site support:

Continuous improvement

A major aim of TGW’s on-site service is to continuously identify areas where possible improvements to processes, procedures and equipment can be made. This also extends to assessing your interactions with the solution. Many benefits can be gained for both you and TGW, by finding ways to complete tasks better, faster and more efficiently.

TGW usually starts with identification of the areas, processes, procedures, equipment and the interactions that have quick wins and benefits.