Shuttle and mini-load systems

Each logistics solution demands different performances: automated mini-load warehouses for low to medium warehouse throughput, and TGW STINGRAY shuttles for medium to high performance. In bigger logistics centres, a combined application of these modules is a cost-efficient solution, which can be adapted to your performance requirements now and in the future.

Is your company growing and your goods range too? Then you need greater storage capacity. Storage solutions can be tailored to automated warehouses that are up to 25 metres high and more than 100 metres long. In parallel, the storage density is consistently increased, which means that the required footprint and investment is minimised.

Your benefits

  • Process cost and throughput time minimisation
  • Minimisation of investment costs via a flexible combination of storage solutions
  • Various system performance types regarding
    • large and diverse goods ranges
    • quickly changing goods ranges
    • chaotic storage with a number of active items
  • Extremely high storage density and energy efficiency
  • Direct handling of a broad size range of stored goods
  • Consistent and adapted IT and controls solution for optimum process handling

Whether ambient, chilled or frozen – you will receive the ideal solution for your logistics challenge. The increasing requirements regarding e-commerce and omni-channel distribution will also be taken into consideration. Growing packing variety as well as more diverse item ranges requires an extremely process-safe direct handling of goods. In addition, no re-packing means the reduction of process costs.