Highly automated distribution centre.

Micro-fulfilment centre

The Micro-fulfilment centre (MFC) can be utilised as a decentralised, high-performance solution – with optimal automation and located in closer proximity to the customer.

Small and powerful

with MFC

Micro-fulfilment centre solutions from TGW offer proven technology and efficient systems for online grocery retail. The foremost benefits are the low investment costs and fast implementation.

Profitable eGrocery

Whether robot-supported or manual, an MFC makes it possible to process online orders using a minimal amount of space. The proximity to your customers makes delivery extremely fast and assists in keeping costs down. Micro-fulfilment centres are also ideally suited for customers who prefer to pick up their items directly onsite. 

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Good to know

An MFC combines the strengths of stationary retail and the convenience of e-commerce within the existing network of shops. OmniStore® is an innovative shop and logistics concept for food retailers.


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