16. November 2016

Ground-breaking at TGW in Marchtrenk

New Building for 700 Employees

The TGW Logistics Group with its headquarter in Wels extends its main location in Upper Austria by building a new office and production complex in Marchtrenk. In 2015, the leading systems provider of material handling solutions bought a 75,000 m2 building land where a new office complex and a production hall will be built by mid-2018. The ground-breaking ceremony for the large project took place on November 16th 2016.

Next to the main road B1 in Marchtrenk TGW invests 55 million Euros in the new TGW building which will be opened for more than 700 employees in 2018.

Growth and strategy

The growing TGW Group looked for a suitable property near the headquarter in Wels in order to implement its growth plans. "The new property in Marchtrenk lies within a stone's throw of the office buildings in Wels. More than 500 TGW employees will move to the new office complex in mid-2018. Another 200 employees will move to the new production hall", says Georg Kirchmayr, CEO of the TGW Logistics Group.

The new building will be used for functional and representative actions. The new facilities are being built according to TGW's philosophy meaning that there will be photovoltaic solar panels using solar energy in order to produce as much energy as possible. "We will have a kind of low-energy building for our business", continues Georg Kirchmayr. "A new showroom enables us to demonstrate our technologies to our customers within a modern setting, not only offering state-of-the-art equipment for our material handling solutions but also in our company facilities."

TGW thinks ahead

TGW's CEO is convinced: "Only employees who motivate themselves in their day-to-day activities and feel understood, can develop and reach their full potential. That's why we want to create the perfect surroundings. For the office areas we develop an open office concept according to the latest scientific studies and based on current innovative projects This new concept should enable productive work, support internal communication and increase the personal well-being. A new company restaurant and various sports opportunities, for example a fitness centre, will play a vital part in reaching that goal."

This is the first construction stage. The new TGW complex can always be expanded if new offices or space for production is needed. "That way we are prepared for the future", says Georg Kirchmayr.


TGW Press information - Ground-breaking ceremony at TGW in Marchtrenk

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From left to right: Anton Kumpfmüller – Project Management ABH Generalplanung GmbH, Peter Knoll – Managing Director atTGW Mechanics, Michael Strugl – Wirtschaftslandesrat Oberösterreich, Paul Mahr – Mayor Marchtrenk, Georg Kirchmayr – CEO TGW Logistics Group, Horst Felbermayr – Builder Fa. Felbermayr, Jörg Stögmüller – Stögmüller Architekten ZT GmbH and Wolfgang Harmach – General Planner Harmach Ziviltechniker GmbH.

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Georg Kirchmayr, CEO TGW Logistics Group, at the ground-breaking ceremony in Marchtrenk.

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Ground-breaking ceremony - near the main road B1, TGW is building a new office building including production area for about 700 employees.

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