29. October 2019

Mustang E+: Storage and retrieval machine of the latest generation

- Highest power and dynamics
- Optimised use of storage locations, thanks to compact and weight-optimised design
- Intelligence in control and design

More than 8,000 TGW storage and retrieval machines are used every day by customers around the whole world – as part of various system solutions. They store and transport millions of cartons and totes – reliably, safely and at peak performance. The Mustang E+ is the latest step in development, which TGW, leader in the mini-load market, is presenting in November of 2019. The innovation combines high travel and lifting performance as well as outstanding approach dimensions with intelligence in control and design.
The E+ is a further development of the Mustang E, which owes its great popularity particularly to the product design geared toward the needs of customers. The knowledge of 50 years of development of storage and retrieval machines has been put into the Mustang E+. The experience gained during the operation, maintenance and repair at hundreds of customer sites were vital to the development process. "We have focused intensively on the market and the requirements of our customers and assiduously further optimised the Mustang," emphasises Martin Rausch, Managing Director at TGW Mechanics. "The result is the E+. With this we can now optimally cover the height range up to 18 metres." 

Highest power and dynamics

Thanks to further development of the lifting unit, now the Mustang E+ is also designed for the use of a load handling device that can store and retrieve up to four cartons with a total weight of 100 kg. In terms of performance capability, the Mustang E+ – which is optionally available with an anti-pendulum drive – tops all other TGW storage and retrieval machines. Compared to its Mustang R sibling, which is up to 25 metres tall, this is achieved by its lower weight, which enables even more dynamic travelling.

Optimised use of storage locations

The compact, weight-optimised design also creates the ideal prerequisites for the use in multi-storey systems. Thanks to low approach dimensions, the available storage area can be optimally utilised. Furthermore, the Mustang E+ is also available for freezer applications – like the entire TGW product range.
All main components (e.g. the load handling device, travel carriage or mast and lifting unit) are commissioned and thoroughly tested at TGW’s site ensuring the highest quality and efficiency as well as a faster commissioning process at the customer’s site.

Intelligence in control and design

Maximum reliability and smooth operation are provided for by the tried-and-tested control software and drive technology from the Mustang product family. "However, the Mustang E+'s intelligence consists of not only the software and control technology but also of its high flexibility. This means the diverse requirements of customers and control partners can be optimally served," explains Armin Leithner, Product Manager Smart Mechatronics. "Depending on the application, the Mustang E+ offers many options for optimal configuration which are already incorporated into the standard product range."
The customer can select between a variety of device models with individually configured lifting performance, various motor versions from different suppliers and an optional on-board maintenance platform. And they all satisfy the most stringent requirements for quality and durability. So this new machine seamlessly fits into the solution portfolio of TGW and forms another powerful component.

TGW storage and retrieval machines in figures

  • More than 8,000 TGW storage and retrieval machines are operated all over the world. Together with the Stingray Shuttle System, TGW covers the entire warehouse and goods-to-person process. 
  • TGW is not only a pioneer but also the market leader when it comes to the direct storage of cartons. 
  • TGW has gained experience in the development, maintenance and operation of its devices for 50 years now. This experience is used for new developments and improvements.
  • All components are available for freezer applications: about 60 installations (which are 300 storage and retrieval machines in total) are already used in the deep-freeze temperature range.
  • All main components (e.g. the load handling device, travel carriage or mast and lifting unit) are commissioned and thoroughly tested at TGW’s site ensuring the highest quality and efficiency at the construction site.





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