28. February 2019

TGW and Coop Sign Multi-Year Service Contract

- Coop purchases comprehensive Lifetime Services package for its highly automated logistics center in Schafisheim, Switzerland
- Five-year 24/7 hotline support
- Three years full maintenance with extension option
- Spare-parts service


The Coop logistics center in Schafisheim, Switzerland, is relying on TGW’s competence for ongoing operations as part of a comprehensive Lifetime Services package. The contract, which was recently signed, features three years of full maintenance with an extension option for an additional two years. TGW will also be handling spare parts for Coop’s complex intralogistics system.

With its more than 86,000 employees Coop generated sales of 25.7 billion euros in 2017. In addition to popular supermarkets, the Swiss group also owns a number of wholesalers as well as various production businesses. The company’s distribution center is located in the small Swiss town of Schafisheim and consists of four separate, large units covering an area of 240,000 square meters.


A jointly developed solution


The specifications for the service package were determined together with Coop in the course of various workshops, which eventually resulted in a tailor-made offer. For its highly automated logistics solution in Schafisheim, Coop opted for a complete package that includes third-party components as well as a 24/7 hotline support for the duration of five years. 

The service and maintenance contract covers the general goods area as well as the empty packs center, the automatic cooling machine, and the freezer area. TGW Stingray Shuttles will move through the lanes at brisk speed and temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius while hauling high loads – at the same time storing and retrieving items at maximum reliability. “The system’s high degree of automation as well as its complexity placed special demands on the Lifetime Services offer,” says Thomas Kretz, Managing Director of TGW Switzerland. The system has to function as smoothly as possible in order to ensure timely delivery to all branches.

“We are delighted that Coop is again placing its trust in us, and that we will be continuing our partnership,” emphasizes Thomas Kretz. “With the extension of the service contract, TGW has taken another important step in successful positioning itself as a specialist for comprehensive services”.



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