Activity Garden: exceptional area for work, leisure and sport
11. September 2020

TGW's Activity Garden: exceptional area for work, leisure and sport

  • Providing a benefit for employees of TGW and their families
  • Connecting work, leisure and sport
  • Motorikpark®, athletic field, jogging track and outdoor office

(Marchtrenk, Austria, September 11, 2020) The last several months have seen the construction of the Activity Garden next door to TGW headquarters in Marchtrenk. The 9,000 m² area combines work, leisure time and sport and was built for TGW employees and their families exclusively. A generously sized Motorikpark® provides plenty of room for training co-ordination, balance and endurance. Other available amenities include an athletic field, a running track and pavilions for yoga and fitness.

“The Activity Garden is truly one-of-a-kind,” states Harald Schröpf, CEO of TGW Logistics Group. “Many of the 1,900 employees in Upper Austria use the Activity Garden for sport and fitness, to relax during their lunch break or for outdoor meetings. Employees can also spend time there with their family on evenings and weekends and have cookouts together.”

work, leisure time and sport

The Motorikpark® is in the centre of the Activity Garden. It offers facilities to train coordination, strength and endurance. It contains a balancing path and monkey bars, a standing rope swing as well as installations for “moving sitting”, among other equipment. Developed according to sport science criteria, the equipment focuses on co-ordination, strength, speed and mobility.

“TGW is a dynamic, performance-oriented company. We require a motivated staff to bring our international projects to completion. Therefore, we want to create an environment in which our employees truly feel good and can unlock their full potential – completely in line with our philosophy of 'Focusing on People – Learning and Growing'”, Schröpf emphasises.

Intralogistics specialist TGW has invested about 55 million euros into its TGW Evolution Park headquarters in Marchtrenk. The facility includes a state-of-the-art workspace for over 700 office staff as well as two production and manufacturing halls. The campus, which spans some 74,500 m² of space, also includes an employee restaurant. Other highlights include the TGW Zwergennest childcare facility, which has received the Felix Familia award, and a fitness studio.

Working in the fresh air

The Activity Garden also provides the ideal surroundings for moving work outdoors from time to time. “In good weather, meetings can be held outdoors in one of the pavilions,” says Jörg Scheithauer, CFO of the TGW Logistics Group. “Or you can take a little walk to recharge your batteries and clear your mind enough to concentrate for a while. We couldn't be more pleased at the great reception the Activity Garden is receiving.”

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TGW Activity Garden: exceptional area for work, leisure and sport
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Activity Garden

Balancing path and monkey bars
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Activity Garden

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Activity Garden

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Activity Garden

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Activity Garden

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Activity Garden

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