Plancise defines new staffing and shift planning in logistics centers.
28. February 2023

PLANCISE is redefining workforce management

  • High-performance software for efficient staff and shift scheduling in logistics centers
  • PLANCISE can produce analyses at the push of a button, make recommendations and visualise data on one dashboard
  • There is great demand for an intelligent solution designed specifically for intralogistics

(Marchtrenk, 28 February 2023) PLANCISE, founded by the Austrian systems integrator TGW Logistics Group, is a start-up that is developing an innovative software for staff and shift planning in distribution centres. The versatile and high-performance tool presents an answer to the challenges that so many companies in the industry are currently facing.

A central element in TGW's range of products is a comprehensive software portfolio, ranging from the TGW Warehouse Software (which plans, controls, monitors and optimises all processes in a fulfillment center), to the implementation of SAP EWM®, to a variety of digital products and services. PLANCISE is the intralogistics specialist's latest innovation.

Staff and shift planning with special requirements

Material flow is well-planned and well-structured in modern logistics centres. Yet the same is not always true of workforce management: despite the fact that staff and shift planning is a key factor in efficient operation, many companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets for this purpose. This hampers flexible planning, performance or productivity analyses at the press of a button, and the ability to maintain a reliable view of the workforce as a whole; instead, it renders management time-consuming and susceptible to errors.

Even software solutions used for payroll, for example, are not necessarily suited to handling workforce management. Their main issue: not enough flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions in a fulfillment center. Delays lead to delivery backlogs, and thus also to workforce management problems. Increasingly unpredictable ordering behaviour and volatile supply chains also complicate things immensely.

Efficient support

"No matter whether they run medium-sized or global businesses, many logistics managers carry out short and medium-term staff and shift planning using systems that were not meant for that purpose," explains PLANCISE founder Thomas Mahringer.

"If a supplier is late, a technical error occurs or too many orders unexpectedly come in at the same time, you quickly reach your limit. And this is an industry characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. That is why a lot of managers are searching so desperately for a solution tailored to the intralogistics industry and thus to their particular needs."

User friendliness, performance and flexibility

With these challenges in mind, PLANCISE has developed an intelligent software that boasts great performance, flexibility and user friendliness. It can produce analyses at the push of a button, make recommendations and visualise data on one dashboard. Several customers from various industries are already employing the workforce management tool as part of a pilot programme.

"We used a cloud-native development approach and can make PLANCISE available to our customers with just a few clicks," emphasises Thomas Mahringer. "Both the application lifecycle, which includes 400 automated regression tests, and the application and usage monitoring are automated."

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PLANCISE is redefining workforce management
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