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As a global systems integrator of turnkey intralogistics solutions, we are always looking for ambitious people who are searching for a job with excellent career prospects and the chance for further development. Our logistics solutions are very complex, which means we have many departments and experts working together.

We combine the best of experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, systems design, project management, controls and software in order to offer the perfect logistics solutions for our customers’ requirements.
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United States

Job title Job location
Software Commissioning Engineer III Grand Rapids, Michigan


Job title Job location
Systems Designer (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Key Account Manager (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Application Engineer (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Application Engineer (m/f) Wels and Rohrbach, Upper Austria
IT Consultant RETROFIT (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Sales Project Manager (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
SAP (E)WM Specialist (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Logistics Consultant (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
HTL Absolvent als Projektabwickler in der Steuerungstechnik (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Employee for technical documentation (f/m) Wels, Oberösterreich
Eplaner in der Projektabwicklung (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Project Manager (m/f/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Overall Project Manager for New Installations (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Software Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk and Rohrbach, Upper Austria
Strategischer Projektmanager mit SAP-Erfahrung (m/w/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Structural Engineer Steelwork (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Design Engineer (m/f) Wels, Oberösterreich
Technical Trainer (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
HTL Graduate for Project Realisation (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Technischer Zeichner für Anlagen-Layouts (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Scholarship: Machine Learning & Data Analytics (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Hardware Developer Controls (m/f/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Modul Manager (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
ABAP Developer for SAP Logistics (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Entwickler für Systemlösungen (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Konstrukteur für kundenspezifische Sonderlösungen (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Product Developer Mechatronics (m/f/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Internship: Bachelor-/Masterthesis: Databank for Conveyor Systems (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Mobile Robotics Developer (m/f/d) Wels, Upper Austria
Produktmanager After-Sales (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
IoT Entwickler (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
IT Consultant for Internal Application Management (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Software Developer C#, .Net for Digital Twin/Simulation (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
SAP ABAP Developer for global S/4 Rollouts (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
SAP In-House Consultant with Project Responsibility (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
SAP BI Consultant (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Scrum Master (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
IT Consultant für interne Applikationsbetreuung mit Schwerpunkt Softwareentwicklung (m/w/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
DevOps Expert - Connected Warehouse (m/f/d) Wels, Upper Austria
Experienced PLC Commissioning Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Electrical Engineering Supervisor (m/f/d) Europe-wide
Software Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk and Rohrbach, Upper Austria
Installation Supervisor (m/f) Wels, Oberösterreich
HTL Graduate as future PLC Commissioning Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Technical Assistant Complaints Management (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Field Service Engineer Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Project Engineer Sales (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Technical IT Support (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Sachbearbeiter im Kundendienst (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
On Site Maintenance (m/f/d) Wels, Upper Austria
Field Service Engineer - Focus on mechatronics Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
PLC Support Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Young Professional mit globaler Projektverantwortung (m/w/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Experte für globale Personalentwicklung (m/w/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Übersetzer für firmeninterne Dokumente (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Group Accounting and consolidation expert (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Human Resources Specialist (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Junior Controller (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Junior Personalentwickler (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
SAP Key User with Focus on FI/CO (m/f/d) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Assistant Key Account Manager Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Assisting Head of Facility Management (m/f(d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Technical Master Data Management Engineer (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Controller für technische Projekte (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung inkl. Teamleitung (m/w/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
Payroll Specialist (m/f/d) Wels, Oberösterreich
SAP Administrator (m/w/d) Oberösterreich, Marchtrenk
Quality Claims Engineer (m/f) Wels, Oberösterreich
Teamleiter in der Blechbearbeitung (m/w/d) Marchtrenk


Job title Job location
Field Service Engineer Field Based - Belgium, Belgium


Job title Job location
Sales Project Manager Shanghai
Junior Controls Engineer Shanghai
Junior Software Engineer Shanghai


Job title Job location
Systems Designer (m/f) Langen, Hessen
Sales Project Manager (m/f) Langen, Hessen
Software Commissioner PLC (m/f/d)* Stephanskirchen, Bavaria
Software Developer PLC (m/f/d)* Stephanskirchen, Bavaria
Software Test Engineer (m/f/d) / Software Tester (m/f/d) Teunz, Bavaria
Process Manager (m/f/d) Software Development Teunz, Bavaria
Project Manager (m/f/d) Teunz / Regensburg / Stephanskirchen, Bavaria
Java Developer (m/f/d) Teunz / Regensburg, Bavaria
Plant fitter (m/f/d)* Stephanskirchen, Bavaria
Electronics Technician (m/f/d)* Stephanskirchen, Bavaria
PLC Commissioning Engineer (m/f/d) Teunz, Bavaria
Field Service Engineer Germany-wide
Teamleitung in der Instandhaltung (m/w/d) Geiselwind, Bayern
Maintenance Technician (m/f/d) Neckarsulm, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Sachbearbeiter (m/w/d) in der Entgeltabrechnung mit Schwerpunkt Entsendungen Teunz, Bavaria


Job title Job location
Software Quality Assurance Engineer Blagnac, France
Technicien Électromécanicien (H/F) Entrepôt automatisé Moissy Cramayel, France
IT WMS Project Manager Creteil Prefecture, France
Technicien Électromécanicien (H/F) Saint Vulbas, France
Software Quality Assurance Engineer Creteil Prefecture, France


Job title Job location
Commissioning Engineer Controls Spilamberto, Modena
PLC Commissioning Engineer Spilamberto, Modena
IT Commissioning Engineer Spilamberto, Modena
LTS Field Engineer Spilamberto, Modena
IT Support Specialist Spilamberto, Modena


Job title Job location
Field Service Engineer Field Based - The Netherlands, Netherlands
Resident Engineer Waalwijk, Netherlands, Netherlands
Senior Project Manager Oud Gastel, Netherlands


Job title Job location
Senior Solutions Designer Gothenburg, Sweden

United Kingdom

Job title Job location
Field Service Engineer Market Harborough, with travel to Northern Europe sites, United Kingdom
Senior Project Manager Market Harborough, United Kingdom
IT Project Manager Market Harborough, United Kingdom
LTS Service Specialist Market Harborough, United Kingdom
Resident Engineer Didcot, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Site Manager Site Based, United Kingdom
Commissioning Engineer - Controls Home Based, United Kingdom
Service Account Manager Oud Gastel, United Kingdom
Resident Technician - Didcot Didcot, Oxforshire, United Kingdom

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