FlashPick® – The Smart Piece Picking System by TGW

Regardless of how your business will develop, FlashPick® will adjust flexibly and grant top performance. Products, distribution channels and order structures tend to change quickly these days. But one thing has to stay the same: Your success. - FlashPick® will make it happen.

FlashPick® is the smart one-stop solution for automated split case picking in your material handling system. Its innovative software manages the system with high-performance TGW components, thus creating efficient logistics solutions for the challenges of the future.

With its innovative management approach based on single orders, FlashPick® sets new standards in speed and flexibility.

  • Faster lead times enable earlier delivery and/or later order acceptance
  • Ideal for small and large orders in any combination
  • Unbeatable for business models with quick changes in SKU and/or product ranges

Order by Order Fulfilment

FlashPick® Order by Order Fulfilment – fast and flexible

Focussing on the handling of single orders is FlashPick®’s main secret of success.

Strategies and processes, both in warehouse automation and order picking, have been designed to handle incoming orders with shortest lead times and highest employee efficiency by applying the one-stop principle.

Your benefits


  • Innovative management and fast processes provide shortest lead times resulting in later order acceptance and/or earlier delivery
  • Instant prioritisation of express orders possible at any time
  • Increase in operator performance by five times compared to manual split case picking systems
  • Process robustness: Maintenance of high levels of performance, even if individual components (e.g. shuttles) are not available


  • Ideal for omni-channel distribution (stores and e-commerce fulfilment)
  • Small and large orders can be combined arbitrarily
  • Large range of products possible
  • Easy integration of changes in product range or order profile
  • Flexible layout configurations offer optimisation of available space and can be expanded during operation

Smart modules for best performance and high profitability

FlashPick® is characterised by low operating costs and will amortise quickly (in two to five years depending on location and country) thanks to its worldwide proven TGW modules in high-performance interaction.

TGW PickCenter ONE or MULTI – ergonomic and attractive

The high-performance picking workstations enable high capacities with optimal ergonomics and offer highly attractive design. Read more ...

TGW Stingray Shuttle – fast and compact

The Stingray shuttle module with a height of up to 25 metres provides shortest lead times and permits an extremely high storage density with smallest possible distances between the stored goods, thereby minimising storage volume. Read more ...

TGW KingDrive® – energy-efficient and low in maintenance 
TGW conveyor systems offer high speed, are optimally adaptable to individual requirements and are flexibly extensible. They provide high-degree reliability and profitability.d goods, thereby minimising storage volume. Read more ...

TGW Software Suite – managing, controlling, optimising 
The TGW Software Suite organises automated warehouses, keeps track of stock, controls all goods movements, optimises the material flow, picks and dispatches goods and visualises the system status.nd profitability.d goods, thereby minimising storage volume. Read more...


FlashPick® can be configured laterally or frontally and will meet your material handling requirements, even if your business is growing very strongly. Its smart basic concept with TGW modules permits to increase the performance in a nearly unlimited way during operation – anytime and step by step. The combination of a smart picking system, warehouse automation with shuttles, intelligent conveyors and comprehensive logistics software allows you to optimally prepare for the future, for shops as well as for e-Commerce fulfilment.

FlashPick® is expandable in a nearly unlimited way.