21. January 2019

Asmet automates with TGW

- Polish hidden champion opts for automated distribution center
- Significant reduction of order fulfillment times
- TGW as long-term strategic partner

Asmet Sp. z.o.o Sp.k., one of Poland's leading wholesalers and manufacturers of special fasteners, has awarded TGW with logistics consultation and the erection of a new automated logistics center at Moszna-Parcela, near Warsaw. The project will be realised by end of March 2020.


With the installation of the new automated distribution center, the Polish hidden champion particularly intends to increase the level of customer service and storage capacity for further global growth. In addition to a significant reduction of order fulfillment times from previously up to 4 hours to only 30 to 60 minutes, the last order intake can be shifted from noon to 3 pm. In addition, the use of automation counteracts the labor shortage that is also prevalent in the Warsaw region.


Highly dynamic solution

The order includes the construction of a new automated DC based on a shuttle system, the integration of multi-functional workstations for order picking and packing as well as the creation of spacious zones for in- and outbound and an empty tote buffer.


The core of the new logistics solution is a partially equipped, 3-aisle shuttle system with a total of 60,000 storage locations for totes. As a goods-to-person system the 32-level shuttle ensures much greater efficiency than the manual order picking Asmet has previously practiced. The highly dynamic system permits the storage of source totes, a sequenced supply to the automated picking stations for Kanban and remaining orders as well as the buffering of picked customer orders.


"For the customer, the new solution offers much more flexibility and service. Firstly, out of an assortment of 80,000 items, an average of more than 1,000 orders will be picked each day on 6 days of the week and sent to customers worldwide. This corresponds to an increase of the order lines by the factor 5. Secondly, a later order dispatch and shorter order fulfillment times permit a better consolidation of individual orders, considerably reducing the number of packages and shipping costs," says Markus Augeneder, CEO Central Europe at TGW Systems Integration.


The service contract with Asmet includes TGW’s proven inspection and maintenance services as well as a hotline support on 6 working days. The contract period is two years, with an option for renewal for another 24 months. Both the service package and the proven, low-maintenance TGW technology ensure high availability and operational safety. Therefore, Asmet is well positioned for the future.


Largest single investment in the history of Asmet

Andrzej Sajnaga, owner and the CEO of Asmet Group: "The new automated logistics center is the largest single investment in our history. In the planning phase we compared several providers. The qualified consultancy and solution of TGW's international team convinced us right away. However, the decisive factor was we did not just look for a supplier. Equal values with management and team as well as a trustworthy relationship are important to us. I believe that TGW will be a long-term, strategic and fundamental partner for us."


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