March 2022: China celebrates 10th anniversary.
24. March 2022

TGW China celebrates its 10th anniversary

  • Locations in Shanghai and Changzhou with a combined total of around 100 employees
  • Renowned customers rely on TGW's know-how, including Skechers and HELLA as well as local market leaders like Zhongjing Semiconductors
  • Local production guarantees high flexibility and fast delivery

(Marchtrenk, 24 March 2022) The TGW branch in Shanghai was founded in March 2012 and has been growing ever since. Sustainable development, successful projects and satisfied customers have established TGW China as a strong partner for the planning and realisation of logistics centres, as well as for the support of such centres during live operation.

Representation in the important intralogistics market was a deciding factor in the foundation of TGW China. "The demand for partially- and fully-automated solutions is growing continuously; the potential is enormous," states Jun Mei, CEO of TGW China. "Our specialists not only plan intralogistics systems for the local market, but also handle their realisation and subsequent professional maintenance within the framework of Lifetime Services, making sure the systems run smoothly and with maximum performance. Close collaboration with our headquarters in Austria is an important part of that."

Production in Changzhou

Just three years after the sales location opened in Shanghai, TGW founded a production unit about 150 kilometres away in Changzhou in 2015. There, energy-efficient KingDrive® conveyor equipment is produced and supplied to construction sites throughout the country.

Moreover, free trade agreements make it possible to export to other Asian countries, including South Korea and the ASEAN states. This helps to sustainably reduce transport costs and still maintain a high standard of quality and maximum flexibility.

Renowned customers

A growing number of companies are relying on the competence and experience of TGW's unit in China. The largest order in TGW China's history came from Skechers, one of the biggest producers of high-quality sportswear in the world. Other customers include automotive supplier HELLA and semiconductor manufacturer Zhongjing.

In the area of systems integration, focus lies on the sectors of textiles, groceries and industrial & consumer goods, where e-commerce in particular opens up great potential for automation. At the same time, distributor business continues to develop, supplying Chinese systems integrators with mechatronic subsystems. Demand is growing fast in that area as well.


Over the years, numerous expatriates contributed to establishing the unit. A long-term localisation plan culminated in the appointment of Jun Mei as CEO of TGW China in 2021, placing management in Chinese hands. The previous CEO, Frank Imkamp, then took on the role of Legal Representative.

Harald Schröpf, CEO of the TGW Logistics Group, comments: "We have identified Europe, North America and Asia as core markets in which we foresee major growth opportunities in the medium and long term. We have great confidence in the market, and our confidence in our employees' ability to exploit that potential is just as great."

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